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    New Advanced: The Standard of posting | Rules 7/6

    What belongs here.

    Well thought out questions with data for other players to check and verify. Serious topics and discussion, players willing to make changes to their way of thinking to better their character and themselves. Cold hard facts and well versed speculation. Random bullshit need not apply.

    PLAYERS WHO POST REQUESTS FOR ADVICE HERE SHOULD BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. This is not a zam or a KI section, this is to keep a civilized tone on all types questions. Once the question has been answered, the topic might be locked (moderators take note).

    Please refer to the Wikipedia as it is a avalanche of information. Main Page - BGWiki
    If your scared about posting, search because its probably been discussed. If you cant find it, work on your problem until you can make a thread that you believe can generate honest and legitimate responses.

    If you have been banned from FFXI and are starting over and have questions, simply ask the questions without explaining why you are starting over. No one here wants to know that you were banned and for whatever reason you were banned.

    This includes encouraging cheating in FFXI, it doesn't belong here and no one wants to see it. Do not discuss using "jump" buttons, claiming and anything outside of windower features.

    Update 12/3
    The same rules and regulations still apply, just a nice fancy name and hopefully less stigma around it. Enjoy.
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    Reiterating Newbie and Standard Player Discussion Rules

    This forum is for asking questions or discussing certain aspects of the game. That means that a topic that is generally more of a personal kind can be posted here without fear of being shot down in the advanced section. Let me make this clear, from this point on, if you are caught trolling in this section you will be punished. I have asked the moderators of the forums to keep a very close eye on this section because it's getting out of hand. If you can not read this section of the forums without being nasty, don't even click it. (That means if you are going to respond to a post in this section, that you can not simply say that you didn't read it, stop crying, or start name calling.) We are very lenient in the advanced section regarding this, but not here.
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    Yeah in case people forgot. If you troll, your post gets flat out deleted/moved if not warned. If you do it twice, expect your ability to post to be taken away for an undetermined amount of time. Do not fuck around on this one, thanks.
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