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    Best Game Ever

    http://www.linerider.com PLAY IT BEST STUFF WINS![/url]

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    With acceleration lines so you can speed him up, or knock him off his sled and then make his limp body get thrown around in a pit for hours on end.

    Not that I sat there watching him fly into walls or anything.

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    Third time this has been posted!

    Great nontheless.

    Hm speaking of which..when I toyed with this along time ago there was a shortcut to the "hand move" thingy..I coulda sworn it was shift + click around..now shift just starts it..Anyone know what it is?

    <edit> was totally space bar+click and move

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    Wow... eraser and acceleration lines... @[email protected] and here I am playing it on the creator's DA page...

    Here's a clip of a track I made earlier this week. Built a new PC the day after so I've been busy with other things. Maybe I'll do another track sometime. It's a fun (and sometimes frustrating) way to pass the time between HNM windows. :3

    Oh, and this is by far the best track I've seen so far. This one is really good as well.

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