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    RNG distance

    Whats the best distance with the windower distance thing post ranger patch with a marksmanship type weapon

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    I'm pretty positive it's 25...
    Also... this is mega easy to test.

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    Ho Mamthra
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    The actual "sweet spot" varies with the weapon, really. For later marksmanship weapons, anywhere from a distance of 4-8 is fine, generally. 10 or 10.1 isn't bad, and out of most AOE ranges. But as you stack up the ranged attack/ranged acc, you can stand in melee range and perform fine, and maybe build TP a touch faster with occasional melee swings.

    A fun way to find your best distance though is to go down to somewhere like the Maze of Shakhrami and just shoot worms a few times at varying distances and record what you hit for.

    25 is actually the max distance at which ya can shoot something. If you start shooting and the mob moves beyond 25 before you finish, guaranteed miss. :/

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    Sweaty Dick Punching Enthusiast

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    I've read that the ‘‘optimal’’ distance for Gun is around 6, X-Bow/Throwing is around 8-10, and Longbow is 12.

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