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Thread: X-Counters Vs Spharai     submit to reddit submit to twitter submit to tumblr

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    X-Counters Vs Spharai

    Obviously it is not a fact of damage output or DPS or any such thing. I was curious if somebody who has both (long shot) would be able to do a little testing, and get a general idea as to how much counter + is obtained from spharai in comparison to cross-counters... i'm a huge counter whore. Any help on this subject would be appreciated, thx.

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    +10% on spharai

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    in before flaming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priran
    in before flaming
    ...I guess I'll stop the waiting..

    Newer player questions belong here, questions that are simplistic in nature belong in this section. Stay here if you get confused by looking at the advanced player section. [Technical questions go here]

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