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    FFXI Crashing Problem

    Ok, this has happened to me many a times before. I start POL just like any other day, but when it boots up, it pops up with a message saying Please wait while windows configures playonline and tetra master. It keeps popping up over and over, but eventually stops popping up after clicking cancel about 20 times. Then once I start the game, it pops up again, losing fullscreen mode and stopping me from getting into the game. Has this happened to anyone else before? Its happened to me numberous times, and I end up having to uninstall/reinstall all of FFXI+ expansions+ updates. Really tired of doing this and will not do it again.

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    I would file this under :"stupid windows related crap that would be more of a hassel to fix than to just back everything up and reformat"

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    Yeah, I'm gonna say fdisk is your friend here.

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