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    Bomb Queen: 2 BST Duo Question

    Well, I've tried the NM with 2 BSTs and don't see how people are able to duo him based on Wiki/Sompage [both say duo 70+ BSTs]. What are we doing wrong O.o?

    We've attempted her 3 times, and the first attempt failed from some punk asses killing all of the charmable pets in the area. The second and third attempts failed from getting KO'd by a combination of draw-in + spells/self-destruct.We staggered the pets to try to keep a pet on the NM at all times so we don't get screwed over by untimely draw-ins, but usually at some point something goes wrong and it's game over.

    I was thinking of going in with more fire resist gear, but beyond that I'm all out of additional ideas...

    Is there something I'm totally overlooking as to how to take down this NM with just 2 BSTs? Thanks for any advice you guys can give.

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    Far as I know it's listed in error due to sites just copying info from one another, even if it's just based on hearsay. A lot of their "killable by" estimations are just plain wrong, though usually specifying more than are needed, not fewer.

    If I remember right, this has come up on BST boards before, and nobody knew of anyone who had actually done it.

    You *might* be able to manage it with maybe 3-4 BSTs and maybe a RDM or WHM + BRD. Hard for me to say, since I've only fought her with 18+ split between two alliances. Quite an easy fight in that sort of setup.

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    Ya we were thinking at least 3, maybe 4 to be safe. Didn't see how 2 would work. Ok, just making sure we weren't missing out on something obvious/stupid. From our current pace with just 2 BSTs, it would be a rather lengthy fight not to get screwed by draw-in at some point or another.

    Usually, we get by with less than recommended numbers, so we were kinda stumped when we got around to trying this and falling quite short from smushing the NM.

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