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    Mog House Energy Affecting Opposite Crystal Synths?

    On a recent whim I decided to take the jump from "faint" to "powerful" lightning energy in my moghouse to help desynthesis rates and results.

    Here's what I had on display in my Mog House Before:
    Bastokan Flag (+8 Lighntning Energy I think, Moghancement: Conquest)
    Magic Set (+2 Lightning Energy, Moghancemet: xxx)

    And after:
    Tarutaru Stool x 40 (+1 Lightning Energy each, Moghancement: Desynthesis)
    (All other items were taken out of layout so that I can keep Desynthesis Moghancement active)

    Now the results:
    Varying moon phases & days & directions yielded a worse desynth rate and I lost more items than I normally do.

    But the interesting part
    I've been fishing for my LuShangs for a few months and after getting powerful lightning energy & moghancement: desynthesis I've lost more earth crystal synths (crafting insect paste) and of those losses, the majority of them have been critical failures.

    This is in contrast to me usually breaking ~1 a stack and losing something cheap like a little worm.

    While I've noticed this with a relatively cheap synth, it makes me wonder if later on when crafting Haubs (an earth crystal synth) if I should ditch the stools lining my Mog House.

    Any input or personal experience with this is appreciated

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    I've always crafted on Lightningsday when using an Earth Crystal since eart was strong to it and have had great results. I'd say keep em in there for a while, craft on lightningsday using not too high end of a synth and experiment.

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    Lightningsday has always been a horrible horrible day for me. crit fails all over the place. And on random moon phases.

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    When i craft i use to try this but i never really had much luck getting any higher HQ rate on de-synth's, So now i just try to keep my mog house equiped with Moghancement: Alchemy for my extra +1 on synths

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    i think the server heard my post.

    Today i successfully desynthed the same thing (leather belts) with about a 60% success rate and a few HQ2's scattered in there.

    I also broke a lot less of my insect paste synths and when i did I only lost 1 or 2 of the ingredients.

    /shrug, chalk it up to complete randomness again. Thanks for the input guys

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