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    Gamefaqs Powering up guide - got a copy?

    They used to have a really nice guide for powering up characters up on Gamefaqs - they've since just removed it. I don't have a copy cached...

    Someone got it?

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    You mean the auto-leveling guide? someone posted a topic about it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exoduso
    You mean the auto-leveling guide? someone posted a topic about it here.
    That's not what he means. There was a FAQ called "Powering Up Guide" or something of that nature. Had detailed instructions on how to get some of the higher end weapons/armor and stuff like that.

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    oh god, here I thought he was after a guide to levelling up......lol

    *puts handgun slowly back where he found it*

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    Yeah, I remember that guide. I don't have a copy, sadly, but I do remember it was quite good.

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    This is the only thing I managed to salvage from GameFAQs that I saved... is this it?

    First, a small introduction. I may understand a bit of Japanese when it's spoken, but I definitely don't understand Japanese text. So when I started playing the FFXII J version, I thought I'd level up Vaan until the English version comes out. Here's what I did, which is a bit roundabout, but hey, it works.

    After the part where you kill the Stray Tomato mob hunt and head back to Rabanastre, you'll be able to explore Dalmasca Westersand, Giza Plains, and most of Dalmasca Eastersand. Now what you need to do is to increase Vaan's level to 15. Since you're still at the beginning, some of the monsters near Rabanastre just can't give you the exp that you need and most are too difficult to beat right now. Buy the Cure spell and use the appropriate LP in order to buy it in the License Board.

    Go to Nalbina Fortress and visit their armor and weapon shop. Buy the Iron Sword (Atk +24), Leather Shield (Eva +8. I'm not sure about this shield, but it's the only one available in Nalbina at this point), Bronze Helmet (Mag Def +6, Str +2), and Bronze Armor (Def +7, Str +2). Of course you need to use some License Points in order to equip them.

    Now, at this point in my game, Vaan was already level 15. If you still haven't reached that level, it's ok. That's what the equipment is for, time to kill some enemies. Head to Nebra Shore in the Dalmasca Eastersand and enter the small camp there.

    Talk to the shop owner and buy the Battle Harness (Chance to counter when hit, Str +2. Costs 1000 gil). Equip it (use License Points) and head outside the camp. Go to the shore and attack the floating fish (exp 180+ per kill). Oh and remember to steal, steal, steal before you kill them. You can get a nice amount of gil by selling the items you steal from these fishies.

    There are only two of them that spawn along the length of the shore so the trick here for quick respawning is to go back to the camp after killing them, save, go back to the title menu (press Start then Square then choose Yes), reload your game, and the two fishies will be back at the shore. Just rinse and repeat until Vaan becomes level 15. Just watch out for the rare monster GREED that spawns at the shore. One way to avoid encoutering it is to kill the Flower Saboten (the cactus-looking plant-thingy) that appears near the shore by the sand next to the coconut trees.

    When Vaan reaches level 15, hopefully he has enough LP available to acquire 3 Mist Knacks. Since I'm playing the J version, I didn't mind what Mist Knacks in the License Board to get, I just took the nearest ones because they cost less LP.

    Afterwards, head back to Rabanastre Eastersand Gate and save your game there. If you don't have the skill LIBRA (ability to see enemy info and traps) yet, you should buy it in Rabanastre and use LP in order to use it.

    If you've done a bit of exploring, you probably noticed the Dinosaur T-Rex type monster that's wandering around the first map of Dalmasca Eastersand, right outside Rabanstre. Use LIBRA skill and check out its stats. Normally the T-Rex's level ranges from only 29-30 (6000+ HP, 300-400 Dmg), but it becomes level 36 (6700+ HP, 700-900 Dmg) when it eats a wolf(the orange-something colored wolflike monsters roaming around). Anyway, keep that in mind.

    Now comes the fun part. Since you bought 3 MKs in the LB, you can now use it against that monster Dino. I prefer to use LEVEL 1 MK as a starter since the animation is a lot faster than the LEVEl 2 or the LEVEL 3 MK. It takes a bit of luck and practice, but if you can pull off a nice combo of 6-10 hits (does a random amount of damage from 7000-20000. Well, I THINK it's random), it instantly kills that Dino and you earn 2700+ Exp.

    Just hold R2 and keep pressing TRIANGLE rapidly (it's the only button available at this point since Vaan is by himself). Even if you're only able to do 3-5 hits, that's ok as long as it kills the Dino, because after doing MKs, you're MP becomes 0, and if that Dino is still alive, you better make a run for it. When it's dead, go back to Rabanastre, save, go to title menu, reload game, kill Dino, repeat. Do this until you reach level 30.

    Now if you're like me, you're probably bored and tired from doing all those MKs (my right arm bicep actually grew larger and became a lot harder, though it's still pretty small). To make the game more interesting at this point, here is what you can do. Use the LP you've acquired and use it to get the UNARMED ATTACK POWER UP (that's what it says in the FFXII LICENSE GRID TRANSLATION(PNG) in gamefaqs by enjirube).

    It's up to you to decide which path you want to take in order to get it, but I do suggest you use a path that acquires all of the STRENGTH UP, ACTION TIME SHORTENED 10%, SHIELD EVASION RATE UP, and HP+ skills because it'll make your character a lot stronger. After you've done all that, unequip Vaan's weapon and shield and pound on that Dino with his BARE HANDS. That's right, no weapon and no shield. Attack the Dino.

    But always use LIBRA to check if the Dino is level 30 or 36, because if it's level 36, you need to rely on your MK combos again. Vaan can't take the 700-900 dmg per hit from the Dino. Now you might ask why you need to get the SHIELD EVASION RATE UP skill if Vaan isn't even going to use a shield, here's why.

    Stop pounding on the Dino for now and go visit Dalmasca Westersand from the Rabanastre Westersand Gate. BIG CREDITS to sephirosuy / Seph (mailto:[email protected]) for writing the 80 Rare Monster List. Get a certain number of chain combo from killing wolves, if you notice the chain combo number flashing, that means that a the LIMBLE WOLF rare monster has appeared in the small map located South of South-West.

    Now don't mistake the TEXTA Wolf Rank E Mob Hunt monster for the LIMBLE WOLF rare monster. Remeber the LIMBLE WOLF is in another map, a small map South of South-West from your current location. The TEXTA wolf is sort of like multi-colored, big wolf that hangs out near the exit to the small map, while the LIMBLE wolf is big and red (or some shade of red) all over. Go visit the LIMBLE WOLF.

    Your goal here is to steal the GRADIUS (Atk +45, Wind Strike) which is a dagger type weapon. Kill the other wolves first and lure the LIMBLE WOLF near the exit of the map. Steal, steal, steal. The LIMBLE WOLF does about 100+ damage per hit and has a special attack that damages (around 300 dmg) and poisons you.

    Thanks to all that HP+ and Active Time Shortened skills, not to mention all that hard work at increasing Vaan's level to 30, you'll steal it in no time. If you're having problems though, losing HP and whatnot, just exit and heal yourself then go back in and steal. After you've stolen the GRADIUS, use LP so that you can equip the weapon and now you can equip a shield. Don't kill the LIMBLE WOLF yet though. Just leave it alone for now.

    Go pay the Dino a visit and you'll be doing 900-1000+ damage per attack. Bye-bye Dino. Just make sure the Dino isn't level 36 or else you're still dead meat. But wait, since you have all the SHIELD EVASION RATE UP skills, you might be able to kill it even thought it's stronger. Just pray that Vaan evades its blows. Or you can just MK it like before. Easy, right?

    Now I get pretty bored easily so I continued the story until I got to the Tomb of Raithwall, just for fun. Vaan was level 37, Balthier and Fran at 38, and Basch, Ashe, and Penelo at 39. It took me about 4 hours (with food and bathroom breaks of course) to navigate through all the maps and storyline events and kill everything before I reached the Tomb of Raithwall.

    The fun thing about leveling Vaan at the beginning is that all the other characters level up (actually they're higher in level than Vaan when you get them, except Penelo when you get her for the first time) and they all have the same number of LP that Vaan accumulated. So when I first got Penelo, her level was 37 and her number of LP was 3200. Nice, right? Saves you the trouble of having to run around with Penelo to increase her level and LP.

    With Vaan at level 37, you could literally kill any NORMAL enemy with one blow (except for the Dino and some other high level normal monsters), even without a weapon and shield (as long as you have the UNARMED ATTACK UP skill of course).

    Some bosses like Baggamonan, Fuuji, Gijuu, and Rino at the Lhusu mines (which you're supposed to run away from) can be beaten without pressing a button (thanks to the Gambit system). Also the Demon wall in the Tomb of Raithwall can be punched and kicked to death. I'm talking about the 1st Demon Wall, which has a lot of HP and Defense. My characters did about 500-700 damage per UNARMED attack. The Demon Wall was toast. And this was done with none of the playable characters at level 40.

    Imagine if you had the time and patience to increase Vaan's level to 50 by just killing the Dino over and over again. Oh and I haven't tried it yet, but I have a theory that you can steal the GRADIUS dagger from the LIMBLE WOLF over and over again. You know, just steal it, save, reload, go back and steal it, save, reload. Just don't kill the LIMBLE WOLF. I'm probably wrong but since I'm a bit sick of the game at this point, I'll just try it some other time.

    Oh and if you can get Vaan to acquire 3 MKs before you reach level 15, the better. You can beat the crap out of that Dino a lot earlier and you can gain Exp faster. That's all. The End. Sorry for the typos. And the bad grammar. And for any wrong information that I was too lazy to correct.

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    Odd... I wonder why it'd be removed, it was a well-written guide.

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    I don't know if this is what you were talking about, but I saved it just last week.

    F i n a l F a n t a s y X I I
    N e g a l m u u r
    Auto-leveling Guide
    Created by: xRestless
    Contact: mailto[email protected]

    This guide will create a "no-controller" infinite loop, using the Gambit system.
    You can leave your game on for hours on end and your players will continue to
    gain experience, license points and clan points. How? Negalmuur is a rare spawn
    located in the Stilshrine of Miriam that spawns infinite minions. This guide
    will explain how to exploit that. This guide also contains NO plot spoilers!
    However, this guide does assume you are a competent player that understands the
    game mechanics at work. Now, to the matter at hand.

    Know Your Foes:
    Negalmuur (Genus: Nightwalker)
    Level: 31-32
    HP: 18910-18970
    EXP: 2625-2718
    LP: 7
    CP: 1170-1228
    Gil: 0
    Weak: Holy
    Absorb: Dark

    Steal: Capricorn Gem
    Drop: Book of Ordain, Vanishga Mote
    Poach: Pebble, Book of Orgain-Mille

    Physical Attack
    Note: Combos up to four times, sometimes causes Disable
    Tier 3 Black Magicks
    Note: Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga
    Note: Completely drains one party member's mana)
    Note: Temporarily gives him invulnerability as he is out of phase.
    Note: Summons a Ghast
    Ghast (Genus: Undead/Zombie)
    Level: 27-29
    HP: 2348-2468
    EXP: 891-1077
    LP: 1
    CP: 173-289
    Weak: Holy
    Absorb: Dark

    Steal: Festering Flesh, Smelling Salts, Paramina Crossbow
    Drop: Dark Magicite, Festering Flesh, Teleport Stone, Float Mote
    Poach: Foul Flesh, Festering Flesh

    Physical Attack
    Variety of Black Magicks

    Gambit Set-up:

    Party Leader
    1. Ally: any...................Raise
    2. Ally: HP<40%................Curaga
    3. Ally: any...................Esuna
    4. Self: MP<20%................Charge
    5. Foe: HP>/=5,000.............Haste (Optional)
    6. Foe: HP<3000................Attack
    7. Ally: any...................Regen
    8. Ally: any...................Haste

    Second Member
    1. Self........................Decoy
    2. Ally: any...................Raise
    3. Ally HP<30%.................Curaga
    4. Ally: any...................Esuna
    5. Self: MP<20%................Charge
    6. Foe: HP<3000................Attack
    7. Ally: HP<100%...............Regen (Optional)
    8. Ally: HP<60%................Curaga
    9. Ally: any...................Haste

    Third Member
    1. Ally: party leader..........Raise
    2. Ally: party leader..........Phoenix Down
    3. Self........................Decoy
    4. Self: MP<20%................Charge
    5. Foe: HP<3000................Attack

    Gambits: With the exception of the Self: MP<20%, everything else is acquirable
    from the Gambit shops visited along the storyline. The aforementioned Gambit is
    available from the Gambit shop in Balfonheim Port.

    If for some reason you do not have Foe: HP/=5,000, and you wish to Haste
    Negalmuur, you can use the gambits Foe: Blind, or Foe: Oil, and cast the
    respective spell. These spells last forever, so there is no fear of them timing
    out overnight.

    ***Depending on how much MP you have, you may want to use Self: MP<10%.***
    ***Decide which one is better suited for you to use.***

    Levels: You should be at least 35, though the higher you are, the more security
    there is that the loop will not break. The first time I attempted this loop, I
    was Lv50, but others have assured me it works even at lower levels, as long as
    you are able to kill the Ghasts before Negalmuur spawns another.

    Licenses: You will need everything mentioned above, with the exception of Regen.
    You will also need the three Swiftness Licenses for at least Party Member #3,
    though it is suggested that all members have it.

    Equipment: You want to use the best weapons available. Armor is somewhat
    irrelevant because of the Gambit setups. Doom is going to be what kills you,
    not damage. It is suggested to give your Party Leader a ranged Weapon, as
    explained below.

    If you are already high leveled, (past your 50s), unequip your uber weapons like
    Zodiac Spear, Sagittarius, Tournesol, or Masamune. Confuse can kill your party

    Storyline: There is no storyline requirement. Negalmuur is available as soon as
    you gain access to the Stilshrine of Miriam.

    Configuration: Set the Battle Speed to its maximum setting.

    Notable Accessories:
    Golden Amulet: Doubles LP earned.........Mt. Bur Omisace Seeq Merchant, 4500 Gil
    Embroidered Tippet: Doubles XP earned.....................Old Archades, 5000 Gil

    Reserve characters will gain LP, but not XP, so giving them Golden Amulets will
    effectively double the amount of LP they earn, while giving them Embroidered
    Tippets will do nothing. Also, you are never required to use a specific
    character, so if you dont plan on using your three reserve characters, theres
    little point to leveling them or giving them LP.

    If you have a Guest in your party, consider finishing the portion of the game
    until they leave. They have a tendency to act with a mind of their own and can
    end up killing Negalmuur. Alternatively, you could kill them, and edit your
    Raise gambits to only target your specific party members.

    How It Works:
    Negalmuur spawns Ghasts every two or three of his turns. Each Ghast will award
    an approximate of 300XP and 1LP without an Accessory that boosts XP or LP
    equipped. By killing the Ghasts and not Negalmuur, you will be earning XP and
    LP until the loop is broken. The only way the loop breaks is if:

    a. You kill Negalmuur.
    b. Your Party Leader dies and remains dead for more than 3 seconds.

    Since Negalmuur has much more HP than his minions, the Attack Gambits above will
    tell your characters to only attack the Ghasts, while leaving Negalmuur alone.
    Now, to make sure he doesn't kill you. Well, he is going to kill you. He likes
    to cast Doom very often, and after 10 turns of being Doom'd, the victim *will*
    die. If your Party Leader gets Doom'd, he will die at the end of it. However,
    a Haste'd Raise directly after the Party Leader dies will bypass the "Select a
    New Party Leader" prompt, perserving the loop.

    Of course, that isn't the only measure you have against this ability. The other
    two characters will be casting Decoy on themselves, so they will absorb the
    blunt of the attacks, including the Dooms. If you gave your Party Leader a
    ranged weapon, then he will be even less likely to become the victim of Doom.

    If your Party Leader uses a Ranged weapon, try to back him into a corner first.
    You do not want your Party Leader wandering out of the room while you leave the
    loop on overnight.

    The Esuna Gambits take care of Confuse and Disable. The Curaga Gambits cover
    the Physical Attacks and the Black Magicks. The Charge Gambit covers you from
    his Anuul attack. If you do not have "Self: MP<20%", you can simply use "Self",
    and stick it lower down on the Gambit chart.

    Party Roles:
    Party Leader:
    This character's job is to attack Ghasts, while keeping the party healthy and
    buffed. You may want to use an "Ally:3rd Party Member...Haste" Gambit on the
    Party Leader as well, though it isn't necessary. However, its PRIMARY function
    is to not die.

    2nd Member:
    Absorb as many Dooms as possible, while also killing the Ghasts and keeping
    the group healthy and buffed. Its primary function is to die to Doom.

    3rd Member:
    Absorb the Dooms that the 2nd cant take. Attacking Ghasts is a secondary job.
    If you notice, he doesn't use as many Gambits, because you dont want him to be
    at the end of a spellcast when and if your Party Leader dies. Its primary
    function is to make sure the loop remains intact if the Party Leader dies.

    Fight Night!
    Warning: SAVE outside first.

    Once you're all set-up, go to the Ward of the Sword-King in the Stilshrine of
    Miriam. Negalmuur spawns at the T-intersection. If he does not spawn, clear
    the entire room, including the Darkmare and the Blood Gigases, then re-enter the
    room. Once he is spawned, make sure you kill the extra enemies around first:
    The Facers, Miriam Guardians, and Blood Gigases. Now, watch your Gambits work
    their magic. I would suggest watching them for at least fifteen minutes before
    you leave it on overnight, and make any adjustments you see fit.

    Make sure your 3rd Member can perform a Raise in time to preserve the loop.
    If you cannot kill a Ghast before another one spawns, then you may be too weak
    to run the loop. You can adjust your Attack Gambit to use your highest level
    Cure spell, since they take damage from curative spells, but beware of Reflect.

    Negalmuur's attack pattern is generally:
    <Physical> or <Black Magick>
    <Teleport> + <Anuul, Doom, or Confuse>

    so you will need to be killing the Ghasts fairly quickly. If you are higher
    level'd, keeping Negalmuur Haste'd will increase the amount of LP and EXP you

    Once you have observed your party's work and are satisfied with the loop, go to
    bed and get a good night's rest.
    Note: It is important to watch the loop at work for at least a few minutes!

    Getting Negalmuur to spawn: It still remains a mystery how to get specific
    rare spawns to appear. However, in my experience, clear the entire Ward of the
    Sword-King, then exit south to the Hall of Worth and re-enter. This has worked
    for me twice in the past. Other people say to clear the Ward of Velitation.
    It may be tricky, but if all else fails, just kill everything you see in the
    Stilshrine of Miriam, occasionally going back into the Ward of the Sword-King
    to see if Negalmuur has spawned.

    The Spoils
    Even though you haven't been controlling your character, you should have picked
    up more loot than you can hold. (You might not have 99 Float Motes). However,
    while your character is forced to move around to target Ghasts as they spawn in
    different locations, you unknowingly pick up loot orbs too.

    99xDark Magicite.........7920gil
    99xFestering Flesh......53658gil
    99xFloat Mote...........14850gil
    99xTeleport Stone

    ~108000XP per hour (without Embroidered Tippets)
    ~360LP per hour (without Golden Amulets)

    XP and LP earned depends on whether or not you Haste'd Negalmuur, whether your
    party members are Haste'd, and the Battle Speed setting.

    If the loop broke: you may still have gained substantial levels that you
    otherwise would have worked hard for. You still probably earned more than
    60000gil, and if you are not satisfied with the progress or the dent it made on
    your played time, you can always reset from a save and resume playing the actual
    game. As a reminder, breaking the loop did not constitute a "game over", even
    if all three of your party members died, because the game automatically prompts
    you to switch in reserve characters.

    Alternate Set-ups
    Thanks to GameFAQ boards for this one:
    (Albedo Piazzola & OnceUponAB10nd3, & Crimson Skys)

    Party Leader
    1. Self........................Haste
    2. Ally: HP<70%................Cura
    3. Ally: any...................Raise
    4. Ally: any...................Esuna
    5. Ally: party leader..........Remedy
    6. Foe: HP<3,000...............Attack
    7. Self........................Charge

    Second Member
    1. Self........................Haste
    2. Ally: HP<70%................Cura
    3. Ally: any...................Raise
    4. Ally: any...................Esuna
    5. Ally: party leader..........Remedy
    6. Self........................Decoy
    7. Foe: HP<3,000...............Attack
    8. Self........................Charge

    Third Member
    1. Self........................Haste
    2. Ally: HP<70%................Cura
    3. Ally: any...................Raise
    4. Ally: any...................Esuna
    5. Ally: party leader..........Remedy
    6. Self........................Decoy
    7. Foe: HP<3,000...............Attack
    8. Self........................Charge

    Comments: This setup requires Remedy Lore 3 on the License Board, as well as a
    healthy supply of Remedies. For safety reasons, I wouldn't come short of 99 if
    you're planning on leaving this on overnight. The "Self...Charge" Gambit will
    leave all three of your characters at minimal MP, as "Self" does not function
    intelligently with Charge.

    The idea is the same; two characters absorb Dooms with Decoy. Cura keeps the
    party healthy and Charge makes sure MP will always be available, although dont
    expect more than 20% at any time. If and when the Party Leader is inflicted
    with Doom, a Remedy is used. With Remedy Lore 3, you can remove the Doom. The
    Esuna Gambit above the Remedy Gambit makes sure to remove the Disable or confuse
    before using your consumable, however if none of the three characters have
    sufficient MP to cast Esuna, a Remedy may inadvertently be used, but this should
    be rare.

    The Steal Gambit
    You can include a "Foe: HP=100%.....Steal" gambit. Damage Negalmuur once to
    bring his HP below 100%, and as a result, the character(s) using the Steal
    gambit will automatically try to steal from the Ghasts as they spawn. The
    gambit should be placed above the Attack gambit, and at least two characters
    should have it. You can steal Paramina Crossbows from the Ghasts, which sell
    for 3300gil each. Using a Steal Gambit can compromise the loop if you are not
    well geared and outleveled. If using the steal gambit denies you the ability
    to kill Ghasts efficiently, I would suggest not using it, because there are
    more efficient ways of getting gil in this game.

    Q: What is the max Battle Chain?
    A: 999. It does not go into four digits:

    Q: How does a Battle Chain break?
    A: Battle Chains will break if you:
    a) kill a monster of a different type
    b) touch a save crystal
    c) enter a town or village

    Q: Your loop sucks! My Party Leader died and I wasted 9 hours of my life that I
    spent sleeping anyway.
    A: Work it out yourself. Each player is different in playstyles, so just adjust
    the strategy to your liking. This is a guide, not a mandate written in stone,
    and you're not a mindless automaton.

    Q: I cant find Negalmuur!
    A: Clear the monsters in the surrounding rooms as well as in the Ward of the
    Sword-King. Re-enter the Ward of the Sword-King to find Negalmuur at the
    T-intersection. If he still is not there, go to the rooms with the rotating
    statues and clear them. Return to the Ward of the Sword-King, reclear it,
    then re-enter. Essentially, kill everything while forming a Battle Chain
    where you can.

    Q: Will Negalmuur respawn if I kill him?
    A: Yes, he will. It make take some more time, but it is possible to fight him
    more than once. In fact, all the rare monsters in the game have the ability
    to respawn, as long as they are not part of the Hunt Club sidequest in the Phon

    Q: Help! Negalmuur kills me too quickly.
    A: Then perhaps you should level up manually for a while, buy the best weapons
    and armor available, then return.

    Q: My Party Leader wandered out of the room on his own! HELP!
    A: This is probably because you're using a ranged weapon. Try to control your
    party and move them, and Negalmuur, away from entrances, and if possible, back
    your Party Leader into a corner. Or, don't use a ranged weapon.

    Q: A Party Member of mine was confused and he 1hit KO'd my Party Leader!
    A: Unequip your powerful weapons, and use lesser ones.

    Q: Hey! You should use Remedies!
    A: The guide was created as an infinite loop. If you rely on items such as
    Remedies, then the loop will not be infinite, no matter how rarely you use a
    Remedy. Remedies are also not needed AT ALL for the loop, but hey, if you have
    the gil to spare and think you need them, then by all means, use it.

    Q: Will Negalmuur despawn if I leave the room?
    A: No, he will, however, disappear if you move more than two screens away.

    Q: Can I save and continue this later?
    A: Yes, there is a save point in a room east of the Ward of the Sword-King,
    called the Walk of Revelation. If you defeated the Crystalbug there, there will
    be a blue save point available for use.

    Q: How long can I keep this running?
    A: As long as you'd like...my personal record is 13 hours. I only stopped
    because I wanted to play the actual game again.

    Q: Hey, you could also do ::THIS:: strategy for your loop.
    A: I know, there are a lot of variations you can do to the Negalmuur loop.
    However, this guide already uses a very efficient one. If you think yours is
    better, then by all means use it. Remember, this is a guide, not a mandate.

    Q: How many License Points does it take to complete the board?
    A: Not counting the Esper slots, each member will need a grand total of 13330LP
    to finish the entire board including the three Quickenings for each character.

    Q: How much Experience do I need to level to 99?
    A: Well, instead of listing this level by level, I'll break it down by 10s.

    40-50: 630704XP
    50-60: 1059924XP
    60-70: 1646344XP
    70-80: 2413964XP
    80-90: 3386784XP
    90-99: 4068805XP

    Submit any suggestions you have to the email above. No spam, please. Please
    alert me of any errors or typos. Do not send me e-mails if the question was
    already covered, especially in the FAQ section of the guide. Specifically,
    e-mails with questions about Remedies, how to spawn Negalmuur or alternate
    strategies will NOT be answered.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not at fault if the loop you set up does/did not work.

    Version History
    v1.30............................................. .........November 28th, 2006
    -This is the tentative final edition. There will be no
    more updates, unless someone approaches me with a
    miracle tip that I have not mentioned in this guide.
    -Edited Preparations
    -Edited existing FAQs
    -Added more FAQs

    v1.20............................................. .........November 20th, 2006
    -Edited XP/LP clarification in Spoils section
    -Added Steal Gambit
    -Added Charge note
    -Added Accessory note
    -Edited "I can't find Negalmuur" FAQ.
    -Changed some of the format.
    -Fixed some typos
    -Edited Other

    v1.10............................................. .........November 16th, 2006
    -Added more FAQs
    -Clarified Disclaimer
    -Edited Preparations
    -Edited Fight Night!
    -Edited The Spoils
    -Added an alternate set-up

    v1.00............................................. .........November 10th, 2006
    -Added Introduction
    -Added Know Your Foes
    -Added Preparations
    -Added How It Works
    -Added Party Roles
    -Added Fight Night!
    -Added The Spoils
    -Added Alternate Set-ups
    -Added FAQs
    -Added Other
    -Added Version History
    -Added Legal
    -Added Credits

    This entire document is (C)2006 of Jerry Lu. All trademarks are property of
    their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my
    permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website,
    making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making
    reference to any material contained within.

    All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. Please email me
    at mailto[email protected] to enquire about gaining permission to use this document.


    - Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright -

    -GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.
    -GameFAQs FFXII boards for developing the idea.
    -SquareEnix for releasing yet another epic game.
    -Robert! I did it!

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