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    Low LV PLD questions

    I've started leveling up PLD and in this new era of Burn Parties, PL, and meleeing mages I have a few questions.

    Have you ever had to sub nin under level 60 or ever been asked to sub nin under level 60 to join a party?

    Generally at what % mp remaining do you typically stop curing yourself and rely on provoking primarily if you already have decent hate? (LV20-LV60) (I ask b/c I usually bring stuff to make pineapple juice so I have less mp healing to do between fights and only pop a juice when I'm below 5% mp remaining)

    Does hate from shield bash scale up as you level up or is hate produced by this skill static?

    Does the design or size of a shield increase the rate of blocks?

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    There are 5 shield sizes if you include aegis. The first four are buckler round kite and tower. The reduction percentage increases as size goes up but the block rate decreases as well. In the early stages smaller shields are better since the increased block rate yields better skill ups and the low level of your shield skill means you need all the help in that regard as you can get. As you get to higher levels and are able to increase your shield skill with gear increasing your shield size improves your over all damage reduction since you'll be blocking with a similar rate with increased damage reduction.

    Somepage or wiki have descriptors for which shields are which sizes.

    Hate from bash is dependent on a static hate value for the skill as well as the damage generated by the bash. The damage will increase in small increments as you level up, but items exist (rarely) that improve the damage or stun effect of the bash.

    You should retain enough mp to consistantly flash. Other than that spam it when hate is weak, and use only a bit more than what you are generating from effects (refresh, ballad, auto) when hate is solid. You might find a time when you are trying to let hate slip for turns to sata sc, in which case you may need to balance hate to make sure the mob doesn't stick to you on the first ws.

    Voke and flash constantly, use damage reduction gear to make hate more solid and only increase damage potential on your build when you've got the first couple things set.

    Thats my advice.

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    I've never seen/heard of a PLD subbing NIN for xp.

    At ~20% MP you need to gauge how the fight is going. Conserve if possible, use it if needed. Just don't be the typical bad PLD that holds onto their MP like it's going to earn interest.
    At 50-75, Parade Gorget will be worth using 100% IMO. PG+Refresh and/or Ballad+Sanction = curespamming PLD and insane hate.

    Four types of shields. Small shields block more but reduce less. Largest shields block less but reduce more. Type 3 (Kite) shields are referred to as the best ratio.

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    Much appreciated. Went to Wiki and got some good info in addition to whats been posted. Think I'm ready to slide to 75 on pld now.

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    Just to mention a couple of things, conserving MP is probably the hardest thing for PLD at low levels.

    Gauge how quickly the PT is killing, use Voke and Flash as your main hate tools, and Cure in between only as much as needed to control the hate and keep the chain flowing.
    Basically, if you can drop your biggest Cure on yourself near the start of the fight, it expends a lot of MP, but it's a big hate spike, and will normally allow you to coast through the rest of the fight.
    Just make sure you're in control of the hate, always have enough MP for Flash, and the mages aren't burning all of their MP curing you.

    Parade Gorget as mentioned, is nice for resting or soloing, but it only activates when you are over 75% of your base HP + 5 main armor slots.
    In XP it's not common to be at nearly full health, so I would recommend anything until 65, nothing really shines barring PCC, and Shield Torque at 65 is made of pure awesome.
    The +7 Shield Skill will help your block rate, thus reduce your damage taken and Enmity lost, moreso than anything you can put in this slot.

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