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    Christmas Horror movie

    I forgot its crappy name, but it was probably crappy anyway. Does anyway else feel this movie is trieng way too hard and yet is still too cliche, I duno I cant even stand the commercials without sploding into convulsions due to the sheer unoriginality of it.

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    Black Christmas.

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    I think it looks stupid.

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    Well, it's a remake of a movie that was good enough (for its chosen genre ) to have gained immunity from a remake. I would imagine that it could only go WAY downhill from the original.

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    The original was slooooooooow. Well written for its time but slow as all hell. The funny thing is they never explained why this dude was killing sorority girls in the original yet they're already throwing in some half-assed explanation in the trailers for the remake. I'll probably see it just because I watched the original one a couple of weeks ago.

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