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    Halp! Anyone with Nivida Geforce card experience

    OK, I got myself a new vid card today. Geforce 6200 OC. I installed the card. Now when I run FFXI, laggy as hell, even more than before. I had got the "Blue screen of death" and It said it was caught in a "infinate loop" and said driver nvi_dsp. I downloaded the latest drivers and installed them, and still happening. Any help would be much appreciated guys ^_^

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    Well.. I dont use Nivida, but im gonna either say your computer / vid card cant handle the actual vid card settings. GO to the settings and put them on low and see if that does anything. My other suggestion would be to use the drivers previous the version youre using.

    Also, do you have the newest DirectX installed?

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    try omega drivers (google it).

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    I had the same exact problem when i first got my 7900 and basically i had to send it in no cost to me and now it works perfectly

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