Looks like everybody I knew (or cared about anyway) from Fantajii/PoT ended up in BG.

Thought I'd stop in & say hi. Been a while.

Last time I played, Giz had my account info. I hope he didn't rape my character while I was gone (Deuy would know what's thats like lol).

Anywhoo, I may come back, but I dunno. I'd be LS-less. Not sure if I'd be able to find one, and I'm not big on joining PoS or Hokuten (a few ppl went there after PoT's break I hear). I also dunno if my character's still around. I like my game go inactive a few months ago (3-4).

If any of you old PoT/Fantajii folks know where everyone went after the split, lemme know. I'd like to look up some old friends.