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    Encounter with RMT on AIM

    I am PenguinMaxx
    Epic n9ne is Epical
    TiteMcBoob is Axil
    Metylief is Rocl

    It is only tl;dr if you don't like PURE GOLD.

    [02:13] epic N9NE: CURRENTLLY GETTING AIMS FROM "virgoodsffxi"
    [02:13] epic N9NE: is this what i think?
    [02:13] TitieMcboob: me too
    [02:13] lordwafik: RMT
    [02:13] TitieMcboob: he said hey
    [02:13] lordwafik: LOL
    [02:13] TitieMcboob: and i said dont ho check me
    [02:13] PenguinMaxx: lolllllllllll
    [02:13] TitieMcboob: and they never said anything
    [02:14] PenguinMaxx: INVITE TO CHAT
    [02:14] PenguinMaxx: looool
    [02:14] epic N9NE: virgoodsffxi (12:14:31 AM): seems you are RMT
    [02:14] epic N9NE: ROFLLLFLFLFL
    [02:14] PenguinMaxx: dude invite
    [02:14] epic N9NE: i don't know how to on new aim =(
    [02:14] PenguinMaxx: wait
    [02:15] PenguinMaxx: he doesnt know my name
    [02:15] PenguinMaxx: im not doing it
    [02:15] lordwafik: i'll do it
    [02:15] *** MetyLief has been invited to the group chat.
    [02:15] epic N9NE: do it waffles
    [02:15] lordwafik: invited with the message
    [02:15] *** MetyLief has joined the chat.
    [02:15] lordwafik: "I want gil"
    [02:15] epic N9NE: ROFL
    [02:15] lordwafik: HI ROCL
    [02:15] epic N9NE: thought that was him
    [02:15] PenguinMaxx: WAFLIUS ROCLIUS
    [02:16] MetyLief: EPICAL
    [02:16] MetyLief: ROCL
    [02:16] MetyLief: MAXX
    [02:16] MetyLief: AXIL
    [02:16] MetyLief: SONOMAA
    [02:16] PenguinMaxx: nobody hates wafik
    [02:16] *** virgoodsffxi has joined the chat.
    [02:16] virgoodsffxi: hi
    [02:16] lordwafik: hi
    [02:16] lordwafik: rofl
    [02:16] TitieMcboob: HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
    [02:16] PenguinMaxx: Heeya
    [02:16] epic N9NE: salkdjfl;skdajf;
    [02:16] lordwafik: who are yo
    [02:16] lordwafik: u
    [02:16] epic N9NE: HEY!
    [02:16] PenguinMaxx: You happy money make?
    [02:16] PenguinMaxx: Gil want?
    [02:16] epic N9NE: everyone in this room has a LOT of ffxi gil for sale
    [02:16] PenguinMaxx: I have gil you ^______^
    [02:16] TitieMcboob: no i sold it all
    [02:16] lordwafik: we're the underground RMT crew
    [02:17] PenguinMaxx: you gil want?
    [02:17] PenguinMaxx: GIL YOU WANT?
    [02:17] virgoodsffxi: kidding?
    [02:17] lordwafik: quite frankly
    [02:17] lordwafik: here's the deal
    [02:17] epic N9NE: no serious!
    [02:17] PenguinMaxx: I seriously gil you want buy yes?
    [02:17] lordwafik: we hear you are trying to sell gil to our customers
    [02:17] lordwafik: that we worked hard to get
    [02:17] virgoodsffxi: how could i trust you guys
    [02:17] epic N9NE: maxx invite daahan
    [02:17] lordwafik: and this is our turf
    [02:17] TitieMcboob: we're the RMT mafia
    [02:17] lordwafik: now if we catch you selling gil to our customers
    [02:17] epic N9NE: we are RMT bosses
    [02:17] lordwafik: you watch your back
    [02:17] lordwafik: we clear?
    [02:18] lordwafik: nothing pretty can come with you trying to overlap your base
    [02:18] *** Daahan has joined the chat.
    [02:18] lordwafik: you keep your guys
    [02:18] PenguinMaxx: You no take gil my customer you buy gil me
    [02:18] lordwafik: we keep our guys
    [02:18] Daahan: hi wafik
    [02:19] epic N9NE: paKman2386 = SUPER RMT BOSS
    [02:19] virgoodsffxi: PenguinMax,Lordwafik,epic N9NE you three are gil sellers right?
    [02:19] lordwafik: jo
    [02:19] epic N9NE: hai
    [02:19] TitieMcboob: someone post this shit
    [02:19] Daahan: Yes, I am too
    [02:19] lordwafik: NI HAO
    [02:19] PenguinMaxx: JA
    [02:19] Daahan: Join our Gilselling clan
    [02:19] MetyLief: you forgot me!
    [02:19] Daahan: and together
    [02:19] lordwafik: rocl is a gilseller too
    [02:19] virgoodsffxi: 日本人ですか?
    [02:19] PenguinMaxx: Metylief super gilseller #1
    [02:19] Daahan: WILL YOU JOIN ME COMRADE?
    [02:19] MetyLief: <- i camp ullikumimi on bahamut tonight
    [02:20] MetyLief: BYAKKO YES PLZ
    [02:20] MetyLief: behemoth hide is many gils
    [02:20] epic N9NE: BYAKKO LEGS SELL
    [02:20] Daahan: my name is Guan Hai irl
    [02:20] epic N9NE: HIDATE
    [02:20] Daahan: GUAN HAI
    [02:20] lordwafik: my name is shi shi wok
    [02:20] PenguinMaxx: I sell legs of wyrmal
    [02:20] PenguinMaxx: you buy?
    [02:20] PenguinMaxx: 25m ^^
    [02:20] epic N9NE: <---- Xiaocing Lingfei
    [02:20] Daahan: I am Dr. Tai-Mai Shu, I design shoes on the side
    [02:20] PenguinMaxx: I sell with ^^ to make happy
    [02:20] MetyLief: many gils make Fei Long happy
    [02:20] TitieMcboob: hes going to starve for a week because were distracting him from real customers
    [02:21] lordwafik: lol
    [02:21] PenguinMaxx: You buy item I buy rice
    [02:21] Daahan: DID YOU HEAR ME
    [02:21] PenguinMaxx: I make rice
    [02:21] MetyLief: i am real customer
    [02:21] Daahan: TAI-MAI SHU
    [02:21] MetyLief: sell behemoth hide many gils
    [02:21] PenguinMaxx: many gils mety? I interest
    [02:21] MetyLief: penguin is of old
    [02:21] Daahan: i sell gils for 30$ per million
    [02:21] MetyLief: no good sell
    [02:21] PenguinMaxx:
    [02:21] MetyLief: 30$ is too many
    [02:21] Daahan: what price you sell at Virgoodsffxi?
    [02:22] PenguinMaxx: I stay giddeus
    [02:22] MetyLief: behemoth hide many gils is 22.50$
    [02:22] PenguinMaxx: Monster signa big cash prize
    [02:22] Daahan: IGE has be in basement in chains at computer
    [02:22] lordwafik: I MAKE YOU FISH BALL SOUP
    [02:22] lordwafik: FISH BALL
    [02:22] Daahan: say if i want to feed family i must sell gils
    [02:22] Daahan: TAI-MAI SHU
    [02:23] lordwafik: ROFL
    [02:23] PenguinMaxx: You want monster signa?
    [02:23] lordwafik: (Link: ... stcount=23)
    [02:23] Daahan: but they only feed me leather from clothes
    [02:23] lordwafik: gogogogog
    [02:23] PenguinMaxx: I get you monster signa
    [02:23] PenguinMaxx: 10 dollar
    [02:23] MetyLief: 许多货币牌子金钱
    [02:23] PenguinMaxx: WHAT LORDWA SHOW
    [02:24] Daahan: My brother is Ping Ting Ching
    [02:24] Daahan: My mother name him after dropping her pots on the tatami
    [02:24] virgoodsffxi: hey
    [02:24] virgoodsffxi: you guys
    [02:24] PenguinMaxx: Hello virgoods!
    [02:24] MetyLief: hihi^^
    [02:24] epic N9NE: heyyyyyyy youuuuuuuuuu ghuyyysssss
    [02:25] MetyLief: こんにちは
    [02:25] virgoodsffxi: tatami
    [02:25] virgoodsffxi: こんにちは
    [02:25] Daahan: oh sorry wrong country
    [02:25] PenguinMaxx: Tatami price? Monster signa 4 = tatami?
    [02:25] epic N9NE: hmmm
    [02:25] virgoodsffxi: huh?nope
    [02:25] MetyLief: very good shield sell = $5 or 1,000,000gils
    [02:25] Daahan: come join my company
    [02:25] MetyLief: ok?
    [02:25] PenguinMaxx: it better monster signa?
    [02:25] Daahan: we need more hands like yours
    [02:26] virgoodsffxi: who?
    [02:26] Daahan: you
    [02:26] lordwafik: VIRGOODS
    [02:26] virgoodsffxi: like me?
    [02:26] lordwafik: WHAT DO YOU SELL
    [02:26] virgoodsffxi: ohh
    [02:26] virgoodsffxi: i want to buy
    [02:26] lordwafik: BUY WHAT
    [02:26] virgoodsffxi: ffxi gil
    [02:26] MetyLief: oh you want buy gil?
    [02:26] lordwafik: WHY
    [02:26] MetyLief: ok ok
    [02:26] epic N9NE: many many gil
    [02:26] epic N9NE: we have
    [02:26] lordwafik: I WANT TO MAKE GIL
    [02:26] MetyLief: server ? character name ?
    [02:26] Daahan: ohhhhh www i thought you sell like us
    [02:26] virgoodsffxi: from the worldwide
    [02:26] epic N9NE: 2 CHARACTER = 999,999,000 gil
    [02:26] lordwafik: oh
    [02:26] virgoodsffxi: that 's cool
    [02:26] Daahan: but now we have a customah
    [02:26] lordwafik: I know a man on asura
    [02:26] PenguinMaxx: FROM THE WORLDWIDE?
    [02:26] lordwafik: he will sell you gil
    [02:26] PenguinMaxx: I only 1 server
    [02:26] virgoodsffxi: @[email protected]#
    [02:26] lordwafik: Asura server
    [02:27] lordwafik: plz message him
    [02:27] PenguinMaxx: i on unicorn
    [02:27] MetyLief: what server are you virgoods!!
    [02:27] lordwafik: ok?
    [02:27] lordwafik: he is big gilseller
    [02:27] virgoodsffxi: who
    [02:27] PenguinMaxx: I name roundhouse
    [02:27] PenguinMaxx: I in giddeus
    [02:27] virgoodsffxi: do you have AIM
    [02:27] epic N9NE: Bahamut server = name RMT boss = Birdhair
    [02:27] virgoodsffxi: sorry
    [02:27] Daahan: there is man named Judah on Bahamut server he will sell you many many gils too
    [02:27] virgoodsffxi: does he have AIM
    [02:27] Daahan: yes Birdhair too
    [02:27] PenguinMaxx: what AIM? I dont know
    [02:27] MetyLief: anxietydriven = judah
    [02:27] MetyLief: judah aim = anxietydriven
    [02:27] MetyLief: MANY GILS
    [02:28] MetyLief: he may be zzz
    [02:28] Daahan: he has many many gils to give to you
    [02:28] Daahan: he stores them in tummy
    [02:28] *** aurik has joined the chat.
    [02:28] lordwafik: hi aurik
    [02:28] epic N9NE: aurik?
    [02:28] lordwafik: we have a customer
    [02:28] epic N9NE: !
    [02:28] aurik: wot the
    [02:28] Daahan: Atomos Admiral Aurik
    [02:28] MetyLief: you want buy gil too?
    [02:28] PenguinMaxx: Auricana Hi you want ?
    [02:28] epic N9NE: wait aurik, you're canadian?
    [02:28] MetyLief: it is many gils
    [02:28] lordwafik: and sell you gil
    [02:28] aurik: yea i'm canadian
    [02:28] MetyLief: many dollar = many many more gils
    [02:28] lordwafik: plz /tell him
    [02:28] PenguinMaxx: You get ?
    [02:28] epic N9NE: where?
    [02:29] PenguinMaxx: I monster signa for you
    [02:29] aurik: 1 canadian dollar = 1 gil
    [02:29] MetyLief: canada is OK for gil sell
    [02:29] PenguinMaxx: present free gigft 10000k gil you buy yes?
    [02:29] MetyLief: you sell gil or buy ??
    [02:29] MetyLief: o silly
    [02:29] MetyLief: aurik is buy gil
    [02:29] MetyLief: many gil
    [02:29] MetyLief: spharai is many gil buy
    [02:29] virgoodsffxi: huh?1 canadian dollar = 1 gil,crasy
    [02:29] PenguinMaxx: Spharai!
    [02:29] Daahan: aurik is buy gil so much he get relic MNK gils weapon
    [02:29] lordwafik: not crasy, cheap ^^
    [02:29] PenguinMaxx: Spharai=.....5000monstersigna
    [02:29] MetyLief: 500 canada dollar = 1 america dollar ??
    [02:30] aurik: about that
    [02:30] MetyLief: many many gil
    [02:30] Daahan: virgoodffxi
    [02:30] Daahan: one time
    [02:30] Daahan: i kill a man
    [02:30] virgoodsffxi: ohh
    [02:30] Daahan: i stole his gil
    [02:30] epic N9NE: ROFL
    [02:30] epic N9NE: i mean
    [02:30] Daahan: and i sell
    [02:30] epic N9NE: GIL
    [02:31] Daahan: for many many gils
    [02:31] Daahan: which i sell again
    [02:31] MetyLief: kill man is ok
    [02:31] PenguinMaxx: How much gils?
    [02:31] MetyLief: just sell gil
    [02:31] Daahan: and create vast gil empire
    [02:31] lordwafik: how muc gil do you want to buy virgoods
    [02:31] Daahan: join my vast gil empire
    [02:31] lordwafik: who is your name on asura
    [02:31] PenguinMaxx: !!!!friend tell me new NM simurgh!!!!
    [02:31] MetyLief: it is krandor
    [02:31] lordwafik: i will hook you up like a rael nigga
    [02:31] virgoodsffxi: how to stole gil lol
    [02:31] PenguinMaxx: What drop?
    [02:31] MetyLief: many gils is krandor
    [02:31] PenguinMaxx: I money!
    [02:31] PenguinMaxx: need!
    [02:31] virgoodsffxi: how much gil do you have LOR
    [02:31] epic N9NE: my Asura character name = Erintribal send /tell PLEASE i sell many gil!
    [02:31] lordwafik: i have many gil
    [02:31] lordwafik: how much will you pay ^^
    [02:32] lordwafik: ^^
    [02:32] lordwafik: ^^
    [02:32] PenguinMaxx: Eritribal goodfriend^^
    [02:32] lordwafik: Erintribal = amazing friend
    [02:32] Daahan: she is lady irl
    [02:32] MetyLief: i have many gils 100,000,000 gil but sell is hard
    [02:32] epic N9NE: many goodfriend^_______^
    [02:32] Daahan: footbinding
    [02:32] lordwafik: ^___________________^
    [02:32] virgoodsffxi: who is ERITRIBAL
    [02:32] MetyLief: a m a z i n g
    [02:32] lordwafik: and ERINTRIBAL = MITHRA PRINCESS
    [02:32] PenguinMaxx: Erintribal goodfriend mine^^ she cute with much gil for sell
    [02:32] epic N9NE: RAM CHA... err, sexy girl~
    [02:32] MetyLief: much gil
    [02:32] virgoodsffxi: ohh
    [02:32] lordwafik: i will show you erintribal's photo
    [02:32] lordwafik: do you want to see?
    [02:32] virgoodsffxi: okay
    [02:32] lordwafik: i can show you
    [02:32] lordwafik: ok^^
    [02:32] MetyLief: she make gil by 'suckysucky5gil^^^^^^^miffwa'
    [02:32] virgoodsffxi: sure
    [02:32] Daahan: she has beautiful spots of acne on arms
    [02:33] lordwafik: wait 1 minute
    [02:33] virgoodsffxi: lol
    [02:33] virgoodsffxi: kk
    [02:33] *** Crovax1234 has joined the chat.
    [02:33] PenguinMaxx: Hello crovax you want buy gil?
    [02:33] Daahan: you see this crovax?
    [02:33] MetyLief: is it here for gil too
    [02:33] Daahan: he work for me at my gil empire
    [02:33] Crovax1234: o_O?
    [02:33] Daahan: he help me murder the man with many gils
    [02:33] MetyLief: MANY GIL
    [02:33] Crovax1234: Hi
    [02:33] Daahan: i still has his body is my basement plz help me move it
    [02:33] virgoodsffxi: hi
    [02:34] Daahan: communist hunt me down
    [02:34] MetyLief: lokimika is good gil sell too
    [02:34] epic N9NE: Bahamut RMT MANY GIL character name = Lokimiko
    [02:34] epic N9NE: Lokimika*
    [02:34] virgoodsffxi: where is the pic
    [02:34] MetyLief: YES
    [02:34] Daahan: yes
    [02:34] MetyLief: lordwafik of rmt is slow with pic
    [02:34] Daahan: she will give you many many good times too
    [02:34] MetyLief: he is fasten
    [02:34] Daahan: in the internets sex
    [02:34] PenguinMaxx: Erintribal pic pretty like jenna jameson ^_^_^
    [02:34] lordwafik: i am looking
    [02:34] MetyLief: pam anderson too w
    [02:35] Daahan: yes like Zhang Ziyi
    [02:35] lordwafik: my PC has many pictures of erin
    [02:35] lordwafik: i will pic the most beautiful
    [02:35] virgoodsffxi: how many ppl there are
    [02:35] virgoodsffxi: crowdy
    [02:35] MetyLief: she has bountiful breast
    [02:35] Daahan: how many people there are in where?
    [02:35] virgoodsffxi: this chatroom
    [02:35] lordwafik: ok ^^
    [02:35] lordwafik: (Link:
    [02:35] Daahan: we are all in the gil business
    [02:35] lordwafik: here is erintribal
    [02:35] PenguinMaxx: I like US and A woman pretty^^ china women no move good stay still fish dead no water
    [02:35] lordwafik: do you like her ?
    [02:35] MetyLief: ten gil sell
    [02:36] epic N9NE: ERIN BEAUTIFUL
    [02:36] Crovax1234: I fired 10 of my sellers - I no need them at LoO more.
    [02:36] epic N9NE: MANY DREAMS~
    [02:36] MetyLief: SEXY ERINTRIBAL
    [02:36] Daahan: i want her my concubine
    [02:36] virgoodsffxi: from all over the world?
    [02:36] lordwafik: beautfil cake
    [02:36] MetyLief: penisu is erect
    [02:36] lordwafik: penis is very erecsu
    [02:36] PenguinMaxx: Erin vagine very loose lots of sex like sleeve of wizard
    [02:36] lordwafik: do you think she is a beautiful lady virgoods?
    [02:36] Daahan: long dong you know?
    [02:36] virgoodsffxi: hey you guys
    [02:36] MetyLief: hi^^
    [02:36] Daahan: yes sloth?
    [02:36] PenguinMaxx: Hey virgoo^^
    [02:36] Crovax1234: Hello!
    [02:36] lordwafik: Virgoods
    [02:37] lordwafik: is she pretty?
    [02:37] virgoodsffxi: うるさい
    [02:37] lordwafik: y/n
    [02:37] lordwafik: YES OR NO
    [02:37] virgoodsffxi: no
    [02:37] lordwafik: LOL
    [02:37] PenguinMaxx: !!!
    [02:37] PenguinMaxx:
    [02:37] lordwafik: this is so getting bg'd
    [02:37] Daahan: WHAT
    [02:37] PenguinMaxx: ;_;
    [02:37] lordwafik: bumping the erin topic
    [02:37] Crovax1234: I'm not pretty, Vir? ; ;
    [02:38] Crovax1234: I HATE YOU.
    [02:38] virgoodsffxi: get out of that topic now
    [02:38] PenguinMaxx: I love erintribal
    [02:38] Crovax1234: You said I'm ugly!
    [02:38] lordwafik: you are so demanding
    [02:38] MetyLief: 騒々しくしかし非常によい
    [02:38] Crovax1234: I'm offended.
    [02:38] lordwafik: i like it when you're push
    [02:38] lordwafik: pushy
    [02:38] epic N9NE: what topic discuss now?
    [02:38] lordwafik: ok ok
    [02:38] Daahan: i want more erintribal
    [02:38] PenguinMaxx: This paragraph oak it is good loudly very
    [02:38] Daahan: so beuatiful to me
    [02:38] lordwafik: i'll give you 1000g, if you post on BG
    [02:38] lordwafik: if you say
    [02:38] lordwafik: "ERIN IS HOT AND I WANT TO SLEEP WITH HER"
    [02:38] virgoodsffxi: よくない、やめ
    [02:38] Daahan: every year of the rat, i get large doll of erintribal, and touchmyself
    [02:38] lordwafik: i cant read that
    [02:38] lordwafik: virgoodsffxi (6:39:01 PM):
    [02:39] lordwafik: looks like R R R R to me
    [02:39] PenguinMaxx: No stop virgoood plz i dont understand
    [02:39] lordwafik: will you post on BG
    [02:39] PenguinMaxx: i go back monster signa now ; ;
    [02:39] MetyLief: 友人は行かない
    [02:39] Daahan: soon i must go back and whip my workers
    [02:39] Daahan: SE crack down on gilseller so i make them work overtime
    [02:40] epic N9NE: many workers in shop today!
    [02:40] epic N9NE: many ffxi gil get!
    [02:40] virgoodsffxi: could you guys get out of the topic of the pretty girl
    [02:40] Daahan: why?
    [02:40] PenguinMaxx: what topic good like?
    [02:40] Crovax1234: I'm pretty now?
    [02:40] MetyLief: the pretty girl is bad for him
    [02:40] epic N9NE: what topic go?
    [02:40] TitieMcboob: ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha
    [02:40] TitieMcboob: PRETTY GIRL
    [02:40] TitieMcboob: ahahahahah
    [02:40] TitieMcboob: ah
    [02:40] TitieMcboob: ahdshjkhf
    [02:40] MetyLief: let talk of many virgins and gil
    [02:40] TitieMcboob: hahahsd
    [02:40] lordwafik: why
    [02:40] TitieMcboob: fa
    [02:40] lordwafik: she is so pretty
    [02:40] Crovax1234: Thank you, Virgoods!
    [02:40] lordwafik: and
    [02:40] Daahan: AHA SO YOU THINK SHE IS PRETTY?
    [02:40] lordwafik: she is very rich
    [02:40] Daahan: we will call her, and tell her to meet you
    [02:40] lordwafik: she has more gil than me
    [02:40] lordwafik: i only have 3,000,000g ;;
    [02:40] Daahan: she will give you a very wonderful time
    [02:40] MetyLief: 多くのここの処女は笑う
    [02:40] lordwafik: erin has 52,000,000g !
    [02:41] lordwafik: he bought his Excalibur with his credit card
    [02:41] PenguinMaxx: signa only 500000k.....
    [02:41] virgoodsffxi: あたしが笑えない
    [02:41] TitieMcboob: block block to you too
    [02:41] lordwafik: <3 titie
    [02:41] virgoodsffxi: you guys have so much gil
    [02:41] *** Setsuko has joined the chat.
    [02:41] TitieMcboob: LOOK A VAGINA
    [02:41] Setsuko: hi guyz
    [02:42] Daahan: let me tell you
    [02:42] lordwafik: not me
    [02:42] Daahan: Virgood
    [02:42] PenguinMaxx: Hello friend ninja jen you buy ?
    [02:42] lordwafik: hi sets
    [02:42] Daahan: come work for me in my shop
    [02:42] PenguinMaxx: You happy good time?^^
    [02:42] Daahan: i will give you good pay
    [02:42] Setsuko: i need money
    [02:42] Daahan: i promise no whip you like other workers
    [02:42] MetyLief: 笑い無しなぜ
    [02:42] Daahan: i be nice
    [02:42] Daahan: no whip or beat
    [02:42] epic N9NE: many gil send OK
    [02:42] epic N9NE: virgood what ffxi server?
    [02:42] Daahan: and no pretty girl
    [02:42] MetyLief: many gil is good but server need plz
    [02:42] Daahan: just gils
    [02:42] virgoodsffxi: asura
    [02:42] lordwafik: !!
    [02:42] lordwafik: ok log onto asura
    [02:43] PenguinMaxx: !
    [02:43] lordwafik: i am waiting
    [02:43] epic N9NE: ASURA!
    [02:43] virgoodsffxi: huh?
    [02:43] epic N9NE: many Asura characters!
    [02:43] lordwafik: im in al zahbi, i will trade
    [02:43] Daahan: ah yes i have many many workers in asura
    [02:43] Daahan: i whip them very hard
    [02:43] virgoodsffxi: how much do you want per mil
    [02:43] MetyLief: virgoods is what server !
    [02:43] virgoodsffxi: ><
    [02:43] Daahan: so they make my gils
    [02:43] epic N9NE: hmmm
    [02:43] lordwafik: how much can you give me
    [02:43] MetyLief: just $5 american dollar
    [02:43] epic N9NE: $20 USD/mil
    [02:43] MetyLief: epic is expensive
    [02:43] MetyLief: metylief is good price !!
    [02:44] PenguinMaxx: epic expensive like erintribal vagine
    [02:44] Daahan: $3 for me
    [02:44] virgoodsffxi: haha
    [02:44] Daahan: come to Daahan
    [02:44] Daahan: i mean pakman
    [02:44] lordwafik: how much do you pay Virgoods for 1m
    [02:44] MetyLief: need server before i sell
    [02:44] MetyLief: what server virgoods
    [02:44] virgoodsffxi: as less as possible ^^
    [02:44] lordwafik: how much
    [02:44] lordwafik: tell me price
    [02:44] Daahan: OK $1 per million
    [02:44] virgoodsffxi: asura
    [02:44] Daahan: no whip
    [02:44] virgoodsffxi: huh?
    [02:44] Daahan: just gils
    [02:44] MetyLief: asura server i see
    [02:44] virgoodsffxi: 1$
    [02:44] MetyLief:
    [02:44] epic N9NE: Virgoods ASURA character name?
    [02:44] Daahan: no no come to bahamut
    [02:45] MetyLief: metylief is bahamut server ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    [02:45] virgoodsffxi: haha
    [02:45] virgoodsffxi: maybe will
    [02:45] MetyLief: i have no asura server maybe lordwafik
    [02:45] Daahan: bahamut server is $1 in my gils workshop
    [02:45] Setsuko: i hated bahamut
    [02:45] Setsuko: god
    [02:45] PenguinMaxx: penguin unicorn ; ;
    [02:45] Setsuko: that game
    [02:45] Setsuko: going to kill myself
    [02:45] epic N9NE: JEN = RMT BOSS
    [02:45] *** Setsuko has left the chat.
    [02:45] PenguinMaxx: Goodbye nice life jen
    [02:45] epic N9NE: many RMT character
    [02:45] Crovax1234: Hahahaha.
    [02:45] Daahan: (shut up sets you're ruining the moment)
    [02:45] MetyLief: pakman is insean
    [02:46] virgoodsffxi: bahamut 1$ per [email protected][email protected]
    [02:46] MetyLief: bahamut is cheap gil! ^^
    [02:47] virgoodsffxi: i see^^
    [02:47] virgoodsffxi: arugatowu
    [02:47] Daahan: yes
    [02:47] Daahan: bahamut is cheap thanks to me
    [02:47] PenguinMaxx: bahamut have lot gil, unicorn no have gil, i only sell $8/m
    [02:47] Daahan: i whip my workers, and they work for less
    [02:47] Daahan: so i go cheaper with gils
    [02:47] Daahan: because whips
    [02:47] MetyLief: pakman is metylief boss ;;
    [02:47] TitieMcboob: guys
    [02:47] Daahan: oh yes i beat him much
    [02:47] virgoodsffxi: your boss?
    [02:47] TitieMcboob: am i the knew chumb
    [02:47] epic N9NE: yes axil
    [02:47] TitieMcboob: `fuck
    [02:47] Daahan: yes i metyleif boss
    [02:47] TitieMcboob: i dont post them
    [02:47] epic N9NE: your pictures are in every thread
    [02:47] TitieMcboob: other people do
    [02:48] PenguinMaxx: Titie no talk now we business
    [02:48] TitieMcboob: epical is this bad
    [02:48] Daahan: i penguinmaxx boss too
    [02:48] PenguinMaxx: ; ;
    [02:48] MetyLief: 彼は私の主任であるが、否日本語を話す従って私達は楽しみを! 作る!
    [02:48] Daahan: all i beat much
    [02:48] virgoodsffxi: huh?
    [02:48] Daahan: WHAT
    [02:48] Daahan: I BEAT YOU MORE NOW
    [02:48] Daahan: INFIDEL
    [02:48] MetyLief: noooooo
    [02:48] Daahan: YOU WORK 2 MONTHS WITH NO PAY
    [02:48] MetyLief: pakman read japanese now
    [02:48] Daahan: ONLY GILS COME TO ME
    [02:48] virgoodsffxi: wakada
    [02:48] epic N9NE: 1 rice kernel/hour!
    [02:49] Daahan: HAKUNA MATATA
    [02:49] PenguinMaxx: Wonderful phrase^^
    [02:49] Daahan: IT MEANS NO WORRIES
    [02:49] epic N9NE: no worries?
    [02:49] Crovax1234: ...
    [02:49] Daahan: IT'S OUR PROBLEM FREE
    [02:49] Daahan: PHILOSOPHY
    [02:49] Daahan: HAKUNA MATATA
    [02:49] virgoodsffxi: brb
    [02:50] Daahan: ok
    [02:50] lordwafik: Hakuna
    [02:50] lordwafik: matata
    [02:50] lordwafik: I can see what's happening
    [02:50] lordwafik: And they don't have a clue
    [02:50] MetyLief: I regret to inform all of that this is a sting operation.
    [02:50] lordwafik: they'll fall in love and here's the bottom line
    [02:50] lordwafik: our trio's down to two
    [02:50] MetyLief: I am [GM]Rhynko.
    [02:50] TitieMcboob: maxx
    [02:50] TitieMcboob: thats not very nice
    [02:50] lordwafik: the sweet caress of twighlight
    [02:50] Daahan: OH NO RUN AWAY
    [02:50] TitieMcboob: but bleh
    [02:50] lordwafik: there's MAGIC everywhere
    [02:50] Daahan: GM is here
    [02:50] epic N9NE: METY = LIE
    [02:50] TitieMcboob: who pakman anyways
    [02:50] lordwafik: and something something something happening
    [02:50] epic N9NE: RHYKNO GM AHHH
    [02:50] MetyLief: All characters mentioned in this exchange will now be put under investigation for RMT.
    [02:50] lordwafik: DISSASTER'S IN THE AIRRRRRRRRRRr
    [02:50] Daahan: gilseller megaboss
    [02:51] lordwafik: caaaaan you feeeeel the looooooove tonight
    [02:51] PenguinMaxx: Axil I no nice person, i make funny laugh for people happy
    [02:51] Daahan: you come work for me axil?
    [02:51] TitieMcboob: aw
    [02:51] TitieMcboob: jewbag
    [02:51] TitieMcboob: ok
    [02:51] PenguinMaxx: <3
    [02:51] TitieMcboob: i need a job
    [02:51] MetyLief: Your accounts may be suspended as soon as possible. We are currently investigating these matters and you will know as soon as possible.
    [02:51] PenguinMaxx: me too
    [02:52] MetyLief: As soon as possible, that is as soon as it comes to our knowledge. Have a good day you chinese sons of bitches!
    [02:52] Daahan: GM
    [02:52] Daahan: come work for me at my shop
    [02:52] PenguinMaxx: lolllllllllll
    [02:52] Daahan: i will pay you better than SE
    [02:52] Daahan: i know they beat you much too
    [02:52] MetyLief: Thanks for your interest but I have a contract, Daahan of Bahamut server 75DRG.
    [02:52] Daahan: i hear he is many gils man
    [02:52] aurik: loldrg
    [02:53] PenguinMaxx: many gil buy^^
    [02:53] virgoodsffxi: lol
    [02:53] Daahan: and he is leader of great religion of many people
    [02:53] MetyLief: Hm.. it says here that you are 26 years old Tai Mai Shu.
    [02:53] Daahan: YES TAI-MAI SHU
    [02:53] MetyLief: Was it worth it? To sell gil and have your life ruined.
    [02:53] Daahan: ye
    [02:53] Daahan: s
    [02:53] Daahan: because i now beat people
    [02:53] epic N9NE: DRG75!
    [02:54] Daahan: yes i am
    [02:54] Daahan: i have many drg gilseller work for me
    [02:54] Daahan: many in castle ostroja
    [02:54] MetyLief: Your account has been terminated. Code: LM-17
    [02:54] Daahan: who is daahan?
    [02:54] PenguinMaxx: I camp signa still yes?
    [02:54] PenguinMaxx: signa ok?
    [02:54] Daahan: yes my loyal worker
    [02:54] MetyLief: CC#: 6728 3721 7432 Security Code: 291
    [02:55] PenguinMaxx: yay^^
    [02:55] MetyLief: Have fun, Mr. Shu.
    [02:55] MetyLief: woops
    [02:55] MetyLief: 6728 3721 7432 9921
    [02:56] virgoodsffxi: MetyLiefサンは本気なの?
    [02:57] PenguinMaxx: Mety serious 100%
    [02:57] MetyLief: はい。英語で更に答えなさい。
    [02:59] virgoodsffxi: so are you japanese?
    [02:59] Daahan: I am Yinninese
    [02:59] Daahan: you know Yin?
    [02:59] Daahan: ruler of all?
    [02:59] MetyLief: I am American but I speak Japanese. You need to speak English and Japanese to be GM.
    [03:00] virgoodsffxi: i see
    [03:01] virgoodsffxi: i got some info from your website,said that GM petition was unavailable
    [03:02] MetyLief: Hm
    [03:02] MetyLief: Yes, there is GM downtime
    [03:02] MetyLief: Try this site: (Link:
    [03:03] MetyLief: It is time for me to go to bed, good night you gil sellers. You shouldn't be able to log in tomorrow, so please call Customer Support!
    [03:03] epic N9NE: virgoods, where did you get my AIM name?
    [03:03] *** TitieMcboob has left the chat.
    [03:03] virgoodsffxi: a forum
    [03:04] PenguinMaxx: what forum, i read find people
    [03:06] Daahan: i miust go sleep now
    [03:06] Daahan: many people i must beat to make gils tomorrow
    [03:06] PenguinMaxx: i go rest eye close time
    [03:06] Daahan: i need rest
    [03:06] PenguinMaxx: NO BEAT ME MORE PLEASE
    [03:07] Daahan: when you come to bahamut, give me /tell my name is Judah on bahamut ok?
    [03:07] Daahan: we will take, good night
    [03:07] *** Daahan has left the chat.
    [03:07] Crovax1234: I just loaned the Galka BRD in my shell my manteel. Does this make me a bad person?
    [03:07] virgoodsffxi: good night
    [03:11] lordwafik: night bumlover

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    did you go and change each of my AIM SN to "Daahan"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daahan
    did you go and change each of my AIM SN to "Daahan"?

    if you use trillian you can change peoples names

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daahan
    did you go and change each of my AIM SN to "Daahan"?

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    Cliffnotes version plz.

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    you childrens and your technologies, back in my day we had to erase people's names with our fingernails and use our blood to write them back in.

    but anyway, that convo was hilarious.

    he thought ErinTribal was pretty girl!!!

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    I was bored, what can I say?

    Too bad she didn't bite

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    i think i want to father all your children now plz O.O

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    "Oops, I'm in jail."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost_Wheel22
    that post was waaaay funnier than the aim conversation

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    ROFL at Bahamut RMT Boss = Birdhair

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    Dear Rocl,

    How does cock taste?


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    this post is early morning awesomeness

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    much lulz

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    Wow, I think I woke my GF up after the AIM post plus the "oops, I'm in jail"

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    I would have made out with that RMT...

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    how to stole gil

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