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    Escort Professor Clavauert

    I totally got raped on this Assault. Anyone know how to do it?

    We tried curebombing and pulling links away with Carbuncle but he still got killed.

    FFXIpedia was not very helpful to be honest ><

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    I did it yesterday with 3 nins 1 whm 1 blm

    blms can sleep the blue guys. and the nins just kited everything around at night.

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    They patched it so the professor has way less HP now. He used to have something like 7-8000 so you could just let him aggro everything and curebomb him with mages. I think its down to 4000 now.

    We clear this using a KRT setup, MNK MNK MNK WHM RDM BRD.

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    Just let him die, both mission with him make me want to slit my wrist with rasor blade. (lame Escort + capture the mother****** penguins)

    If you really want to beat it, there is many methos. First one is to have nin, herald gaiter or crimson pants kite every mobs out of the way, and rest of the pt sleep/kill the remaining mobs.

    2melee/nin + healer can kill most skeletton pretty fast, while other member protect the escort. Have someone sleep all bhoot since they take a while to kill, and can be slept easily.

    If you have two brd, you can sleep everything no problem

    Oh, and make sure everyone has RR on that one. You wont die most of the time, but this is one of the mission that can go ugly really fast

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    When did they patch it? I did it couple weeks ago and went pretty fine with cure bombing, having one guy -Ga the mobs when there are too many, training them in safe place, and RR. Repeat till you win. Of course, it's not good strategy to do this Assault for points, just to clear it.

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    Everybody's Favourite Nobody
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    Nov 2005
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    FFXI Server

    Hmmm so just sleep them with BRDs or BLUs (I noticed on my run that Sheep Song sleeps undead).

    It'll be tough but I hate losing on shit like this. I'm gonna escort you Professor and you're going to fucking like it.

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