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    Portable video players

    I got a ms Zune recently for a gift and well..it sucks

    This thing just randomly shuts off on me for no reason and the only way i can get it to turn back on is to go home and replug it in the charger. The battery life is poor (about 3 hours of mp3s before its low) and i have to convert videos to a certain format before it'll play on the Zune.(if you own a psp, then you'll understand exactly what I'm trying to explain)

    Anyways, I'm about to go return this thing and hopefully exchange it for something else that'll be better. I'm mainly looking for a video player that'll accept more formats than the Zune did. Anyone with recommendations on which players I should look into? thx!

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    psp with pmp

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    I got myself a Creative: Zen Vision M a few months back, and it's freaking awesome -- think the 30 gb video ipod w/ a sound recorder (if you get an ipod you have to pay 75$ for the attachment), which I purchased for 210$.

    The biggest downside is the lack of accessories, seeing as how apple has 90%+ of the market cornered. I will tell you this, I love my Zen -- the quality on the lcd display is excellent, and a big plus it has over the ipod is that it can read a multitude of formats (for video).

    I'd definately recommend it, although** i've never had an ipod, so I wouldn't be comparatively recommending it..

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