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    elemental staffs and -magic dmg taken

    Ugh... searched high and low without finding any answers. Hope you guys can help.

    What exactly is the "-magic dmg taken bonus" from elemental staffs when equipiping them?

    For example: Say the mob is casting Fire V or Flare on me, Do i equip a fire staff to get the "-magic dmg taken bonus"? or the element that is strong aginst fire?

    What is the -%dmg taken? 10%? maybe 15% with HQ staffs?

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    the information you're looking for is on the staff itself..

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    This should probably be in the other forum, but there's no hidden magic taken bonus from elemental staves. In your example I suppose you'd use a Water/Neptune's staff for the +15/20 fire resist.

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    bah, i heard there was some kind of straight -magic dmg taken, when using a certain staff against a certain element.

    maybe was just a rumor

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    only hidden traits are when casting magic of the given element, not having magic casted on you

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    so... Kirins Pole > elemental staffs for pld/rdm tank against JoL?

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    Yeah, but PLD/WHM is superior to PLD/RDM for JoL in my opinion since more MP, more MDB, and Curaga.

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    /RDM had magic defense bonus trait too, also rdm has almost insta cast single target bar spells (elemtal mostly)

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    /whm has the next level of MDB trait over /rdm (granted it's only like 2 MDB or something), and bar-ra spells aren't exactly slow to cast, either. Unless you just don't have /whm at 37. Also this is just my opinion on which is better between the two; there are a whole host of different job/subjob combinations that tank perfectly fine on JoL, including PLD/RDM.

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    well i can sub nin, rdm, war or whm. but i think rdm has more merit based on phalanx, which I think also reduces magic dmg taken along with physical dmg.

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    Deffinentally not an advanced player forum question.

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    PLD/BRD really seems the way to go. It's just too fun having tank PT outside of ally.

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    Sorry, no such thing as "-magic dmg taken bonus" on elemental staves. You may have noticed that several people use them as part of a bar-element gear set, because they are great for that (+20 elemental resist on HQ). Without other gear and barspell/carol though it'll be effectively useless.

    and for JoL we've always used PLD/NINs with WHM casting barspells /shrug .... would be fun to try PLD/WHM but I can think of only one of our PLDs who has WHM or RDM sub leveled; ... and he's not on a lot! PLD/NINs benefit most from Capricorn's Staff (5% haste) imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suiram
    Yeah, but PLD/WHM is superior to PLD/RDM for JoL in my opinion since more MP, more MDB, and Curaga.
    Phalanx + Fast Cast > MDB + Curaga.

    MP difference is negligible.

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    Don't forget Blaze Spikes amirite

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