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    I quit in October 2006 and when I quit I deleted my character and content ID with the mind set that I wouldn't be returning. It went well for awhile... until I recently decided to return (surprise, surprise), but only if I could have my character restored; so about a week ago I requested character restoration. I received an email today verifying that my character was indeed restored, but when I click on Check Version to update it displays a message stating that I have no content ID. I figured it was no big deal and that I would simply need to reactivate my content ID, so I attempted to do so and this is where my problem comes in.

    When I attempted to reactivate, I received error message UCS-1104. This error states that I cannot obtain a content ID due to either an invalid payment method or my PlayOnline ID has been cancelled. There should not be anything wrong with my payment method and how could I be logged into PlayOnline if my PlayOnline ID was cancelled? When I spoke to the agent when I was requesting restoration he emphasized that the content ID my character was previously in be empty so that it could be restored to it. My ignorance had me convinced that the content ID would also be restored, but this does not seem to be the case.

    I’ve emailed POL and was going to speak with an agent using live chat again, but they are not open during the weekends. I will most likely still do this, but being this the hub for most experienced players I figured someone may have had or is having a similar problem and can answer my question.

    Thank you in advance for any helpful comments.

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    Smells like Onions
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    I found out the problem. It was my payment method. I had received a new debit card since I played last. The card number was the same, which is why I assumed nothing was wrong, but the security number on the back was different. My mistake, sorry for wasting a thread for this lol.

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    Shoulda stayed away while ya had the chance!!

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