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    Accumulative magic resistance specifics?

    Has there been testing that determined how the accumulative magic resistance patch works exactly? If so, a link would be appreciated, I haven't been able to locate anything yet searching.

    Otherwise, from my own casual observation I have noticed it isn't elemental damage specific (i.e. 5x ES+Tornado 2 on Kirin almost immediately followed by a Nether Blast will have the Nether Blast do less than usual.) And that, on Kirin at least, it wears off very rapidly.

    If my observations were incorrect or inaccurate or anybody can provide some better insight into it I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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    The last 2 or 3 Tornado IIs will do less than usual also.... it builds up quick and decreases pretty quick if nothing is casted on the mob such as a nuke, chi blast, etc. Dunno any specifics but it really doesn't change gameplay that much. Itll be more like first Tornado II does 1200, 2nd does like 1150, and so on. It is not a huge drop off like 1200 unresisted to 200 unresisted.

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    It's pretty annoying for epeen competition when you are the last one to land your spell, but yeah >_> , it doesnt change much to any fighté

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