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    For people that are bored..."The Suicide Bomber"

    Disclaimer: I am not sure how old that game is but this is a flash game that I just came across and I found it pretty interesting. Please don't flame me if it is a game that has existed for a long time.


    PS: Don't underestimate the intelligence of an emotionally disturbed person no matter how crazy he may appear.If you try to trick him he could call your bluff or it may back-fire.Be honest.

    ninja edit:uploaded the file to a faster server

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    Was pretty good lol. Took me a few tries but I didnt give up.

    Looking forward to episode 2.

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    Yeah these things are ancient, I remember doing them on Newgrounds many many years ago. If you look this one up there you should be able to find the others by looking at the dude's user profile.

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