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    Probably silly, but a question about Empress band and BST.

    Occasionally I use Familiar on something tough or higher and plow through the EP's in the zone, usually when I'm about done solo'ing for the day or whatever. Now I don't normally waste my Empress on this, hence the topic, but I was wondering if the band also absorbs some of the penalty (meaning less bonus, less duration) and "dries up" quicker if I do this with it active?

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    The band gives you a static amount of exp or lasts for a static amount of time. So whichever happens first is when the bonus ends.

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    No matter what you do, your band is used up after 3000 xp.

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    What he means is, is the -30% penalty from having a pet applied to the EXP gained from the ring, making it give 70% of the +3000 EXP => +2100 EXP instead, while the ring still shorts out after that 70% of 3k.

    But the penalty is applied before any bonusses (chain, ring, COR roll), so no.

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