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    AVG dl help

    So I try to download the free AVG listed in the sticky, but when it hits 9mb of the 34mb file it says its finished. I try to start it up and it says it did not DL right and i need to retry, which i have about 8 times now; same problem over and over. Obviously its only DLing 9/34 but i cant figure out whats wrong, i have my firewall off and user control off; I am on vista so will it just not work with this POS OS? I also tried another web that has it but it did not work, same problem.

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    Re: AVG dl help

    That's really strange, I was just able to download it fine. Have you tried it in another web browser?

    If all else fails, just download it on another computer and transfer the file over with a USB stick. If you don't have access to another computer let me know and I'll upload it to one of my servers and give you a download link.

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    Re: AVG dl help

    Could also be worth clearing your Temporary Internet Folder, possibly your Temp folder too.

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