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    Making a LS Site From Scratch, Tips/Pointers/Help?

    OK, here's the scenario: My LS just moved off of GP onto a new site, but all we currently have are some pretty base forums(using Simple Machines Forums). The LS Officer who set up the website and who was going to make the front page and all that seems to have left b/c we didn't let him install a HNM system that we didn't agree with, so we basically have nothing but forums and a front page we can't do anything with if he doesn't come back. Due to this I'll probably be looking to get us a new site soon.

    I know absolute dick about web site design and very little about how the internet works in general, but it's important to me that we get a fully functional site...so I'm asking, what all will we need? I think some LS members can deal with the actual site design, and I know we need a domain name of our own. Can anyone please give me a rundown of what steps I need to take in order to get the domain name and begin a site, how much it will cost, and go from there? Any pointers or recommendations for hosting places/programs to use would be nice too.

    I would normally google for this sort of info, but I honestly don't know where the hell to start and could use some direction, thanks in advance.

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    Re: Making a LS Site From Scratch, Tips/Pointers/Help?

    You'll probably want to start with phpbb, the open source devolopment kit that creates the forums that you see on many linkshell sites including BG. Outside of that, making and uploading a web page is pretty easy these days, you just need a bit of HTML knowledge and an idea of what you want to do. It depends on if you just want a forum, or if you want something with a front page, links to pic and then the forums just embedded in it. But yeah start with phpbb community forums, since you're probably going to want a forum on your site and that's the one thing you'll need to learn and manage a bit.

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    Re: Making a LS Site From Scratch, Tips/Pointers/Help?

    You basically have two steps. First is domain registration, which has a cost to it. Can depend on the extension and all, but usually this is something like $10-15 a year.
    Second is hosting. The basic components of this are how much space you get, and how much data transfer per month you are allowed. There are a lot of other things, like scripting languages n' such, that are relevant if you're trying to use those particular things. I've usually seen the hosting company handle linking your domain to your hosting.

    I've used these guys http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/ for personal stuff and stuff for my family. Just their basic plan, which is easily enough for a typical LS site (and then some). Runs $44/year.

    You can set up Simple Machines forums there with an automated process. Couple minutes and you have yourself a forum. Can use PHPBB or whatever if you set it up yourself, but Simple Machines is decent too IMO.

    The same company also can register domains for you.

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    Re: Making a LS Site From Scratch, Tips/Pointers/Help?

    You really want to keep a LS site as simple as possible. Use out of the box software with only the config changes you really need, otherwise, it becomes a bear to maintain when the original person leaves or just wants to step down from running it.

    For my old LS, I set up a PHP-Nuke site with PHP BB forums, Gallery2, etc, all as plugins. It quickly became difficult to maintain for anyone other than me.

    What I would do is set up something simple for the front page -- WordPress or Movable Type -- to act as your 'news' page. Then, set up http://www.domain.com/forums or forums.domain.com for the actual forums. If you choose the former, you will need to either allow a .htaccess exception for /forums or map a different directory to /forums (both are very simple to do, if you do a remap on the /forums, it means you can blow away the folder one is installed to w/o messing up the other one).

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