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    Mouse pointer question

    I have recently formated my computer's HD and reinstalled windows XP, FFXI etc.

    When playing FFXI before the reinstall, the mouse pointer would automatically move to a newly opened menu (invent, mog locker, spell list etc) but this is not happening now. I've searched for an option throughout FFXI and windows to see if there is an option that needs to be checked, but i've come up with nothing. Does anyone have any ideas?

    I've tried selecting the "automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box" option under the mouse options in Control Panel, and changing the mouse option in FFXI config without success.

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    Re: Mouse pointer question

    I'm not sure if it's related, but do you have hardware mouse enabled in the FFXI config?

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    Re: Mouse pointer question

    game_allowsetcursorpos 1

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    Re: Mouse pointer question

    Thank you for your help with this. It's amazing how something so small, can be so annoying

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