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Thread: [Bahamut] Dente     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Re: [Bahamut] Hakuyu

    Never seen the name, there's a Hakuyuu according to FFXIAH, but I know nothing about them. Although from the app, he's a blatant plagiarist. >:O
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    Re: [Bahamut] Hakuyu

    As posted on our LS forums, if a mod can edit title to reflect would be lovely.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hakuyu
    Thank you Vegi for guiding me along, and for listening :D

    My Character name in Bahamut was Dente since the year 2004 (lvl 1) till the Fall of 2007 last year

    When i was taking a short break to revitalize my passion for FFXI, my friend borrowed Dente and migrated him to his own server. Henceforth i would not take credit for what he has done in his server during the few months.

    I carefully considered the choice of name on this application solely because in my absence, another player took over the name of Dente in Bahamut, and i would not want to be misunderstood as him.

    And during which this period, between the decision to make this application and starting to return to game, I made Linkshell with my friends in Bahamut, and co-lead the Linkshell events using them or Linkshell mules, while actually making up a decision if i would have sufficient resolution to continuing pursue my thirst for higher FFXI knowledge with prestige linkshell such as Exellence as i understood and accepted the fact that it requires dedication, comittment, focus and most importantly passion.

    The rest of the story follows from the point this application has been penned down, :D

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    Re: [Bahamut] Dente

    He hasn't got a relic tho.. why even consider him? Anyway I knew this guy waaay back in the day when I was on Bahamut good guy/player (if it's the same one).

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    Re: [Bahamut] Dente

    I wouldn't take the "needs moar relic" requirement too seriously.