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    Fluff Survey

    http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/survey. ... 27PZG2UFJU

    I'm passing this along to help my sister & her friend. Her friend is looking to rewrite the definition on Fluffing. The most popular meaning is keeping a man aroused before sex in a porno type situation.

    Here is what they would like to change it to;

    Fluffing is the immediate subconscious and physiological response that occurs between two people when there is a positive encounter. The feeling can be emotional and even spiritual.

    Within the first two seconds of seeing someone, a “good” or “bad” emotional and neurological snap judgment is formed that physically affects you. When a positive initial impression is made an inter-brain circuit has been created making you biological allies. By looping together in an upbeat register, your spindle cells create an instant empathy through their receptors for dopamine and norepinephrine.

    An example of the benefits of fluffing can be seen in an effect known as the “happy face advantage,” it is known that the human brain prefers happy faces and recognizes them more readily and quickly than negative expressions. Thus, when you are in a positive mood, displaying a smile or engaging in laughter, you are, in a sense, elevating the spirits of those individuals with whom you come into contact.

    Mirror neurons are at play making your positive emotions contagious helping those around you not just emotionally but at a biological level. Your anger bumps up my blood pressure; your loving action lowers it. Our relationships matter for our health. Thus, fluffing helps create biological allies.

    From a spiritual perspective, the art of fluffing is bringing the process of fluffing into the forefront of your mind by making a conscious effort to be in a positive state of mind when you go into the world and connect with others. It is similar to the meaning of the word “namaste” which is an Indian greeting that translates to “I bow to you” and embodies the saying “may the highest part of my soul see the highest part of your soul and reflect it back to you.”
    This survey is a way to vote on their top choices for "Fluff" tag lines to be used in marketing of the Fluff book and the new meaning. Be sure to copy down your favorites (i.e. Notepad) because you will not be able to go back and look over your answers without restarting. Thank you everyone for your help.


    http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/survey. ... 27PZG2UFJU

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    Re: Fluff Survey

    Fluff: Shit was SO cash.


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    Re: Fluff Survey

    Fuck, I thought the topic was about SNUFF.

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