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    Lowman Promy-V map.

    The map for Promy-V is the last one I need. :( I've got one of those pop items for the NMs there that drops the item needed for the map. (I believe it's the one for the dia wand lol.)
    Anyone have any experience of low manning it. Or farming map items from the harder mobs with low numbers.
    What's the optimal setup? :o


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    Re: Lowman Promy-V map.

    Someone on KI said you can kill the Stone Gorget one with a naked nin holding it and 2 naked BLMs spamming Freeze and zoning in and out of the spire, saying that the NM hits really soft and has poor accuracy. I tried it with that setup (except that we had gear, food, etc) and nearly lost the pop item. All 3 of us have lots of end game experience (fought pretty much everything in the game multiple times bla bla bla) and after 30 minutes of trying and multiple deaths, we all agreed that it simply wasn't possible with that strat. I never had a chance to rest mp for Freeze because I had to spam cures since it hit really fast, it couldn't be enfeebled reliably because it switches elemental 'modes' (plus it has a move where it does dmg based on the number of enfeebles on it), its tp moves raped (one does ~500dmg if you have no shadows left) and it double attacks like crazy. We tried having the nin tank backwards but then she couldn't hold hate from all my cures. Someone else on KI tried the same strat and wiped. The thing is the person who posted the strat doesn't sound like a liar, although it did sound like they didn't try that exact strat themselves (ie I think they did something similar with a few more people and incorrectly guessed the minimum you would need).

    At one point I was forced to HP because me and the other BLM were dead with no RR (zoning in the spire makes you lose RR each time ;x). I switched to RDM and ran back while the NIN held it by letting it walk back to its spawn point, casting ninjutsu at max distance and zoning over and over. In total we ended up holding it a good 45 minutes while waiting for a NIN friend to come help. During this time I managed to get it as low as ~70% solo just by zoning and strategically staggering DoTs, but I wouldn't recommend a solo attempt to anyone. First there's the fact that you lose RR each time you zone, and at one point one of the fat blob things right outside the spire was blocking my path. I had no choice but to zone it to make it depop, but it broke the rhythm I had going with DoTs and the NM regenned a few ticks. ;/ 2 or 3 people who know what they're doing might be able to DoT it to death I suppose.

    Eventually the NIN got there and we killed it with NIN NIN BLM RDM. It was a pretty comfortable kill, although a BRD or something would have made it smoother (maybe I was just too stressed out by that point). I would say:

    - NIN NIN RDM = probably the bare minimum, though I'm not sure I would risk losing a pop item for that
    - NIN NIN RDM + mage = pretty smooth kill, as long as you have good players
    - NIN NIN RDM RDM BRD = probably very easy and even overkill

    I've never really heard anything about the Dia wand NM specifically, but I would assume a setup similar to the ones I posted would obtain similar results. I remember people saying that a (presumably balanced) party can take any of the Vahlz NMs.

    Have the non-NMs in Vahlz been confirmed to drop memospheres too? Wiki was sorta contradicting itself on that. I'm asking because it's the last map I need too; I got the maps from the first 3 promies by soloing the unique EP-DC mobs on the 1st floor of each spire, so I was wondering if I could do the same for Vahlz by going as 50 MNK/NIN or something. The thing is Vahlz has no 'unique' mob, which is what led me to believe that you can't get a memosphere that way :/

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    Re: Lowman Promy-V map.

    I got a white memosphere from a Craver last October. The mobs are T-VT and the drop rate iseems low (1/20+ over 4 farming sessions).

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    Re: Lowman Promy-V map.

    I dual-boxed all of my Promyvion maps. I think I did the level 30 ones as SMN and BLM and leeched to the top off of jp ENM groups, and Vahzl I did as RDM and BLM.

    Near the zone on the first level of Vahzl there should be a Craver or similar mob that drops the memosphere. I basically just sleep nuked it to death and kept gravity on just in case. Took about 10 kills. The only problem is that it can be tough to pull the mob to the zone because of all the Wanderers. I'd pull with gravity and if I got aggro I'd sleep/bind the Wanderer and zone. Also, sometimes the mob you're after will pop as dark or wind element. Usually I'd pull them to zone and bind/sleep then relog/zone and it will repop as another random element.

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    Re: Lowman Promy-V map.

    A friend of mine got the drop from 1F mobs (the hardest one), killing the Stone gorget NM is not needed.

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