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    Buying 2nd Monitor

    My original post on our forums(no, I'm not rick rolling y'all).
    Product A) Planar PL 2010M @$230
    Product B) Dell E207WFP @$150

    These monitors are slightly used, and so a bit lower than all prices I've seen. So, product A, product B, or neither; you know a better deal on a monitor that I should jump on. My current monitor is a Samsung 730B and I love it, if that gives you any indication of what satisfies me, and what works for my budget. Also, to help, I'm leaning towards the less expensive, widescreen Dell.

    Any feedback is appreciated, ASAP since I plan to snatch this apparent deal up within the next day.

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    Re: Buying 2nd Monitor

    The dell should be fine, that's a good price and it's a solid monitor.

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    Re: Buying 2nd Monitor

    True. Now, I'da been all over it already, but the dude just got back to me saying it appears the monitor might be out of warranty. Should I let that slow me?

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