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    Ragnarok --- RainbowWarriors linkshell

    Hi everyone,

    Me and a couple of friends are starting up a new gay/lesbian/bi linkshell and are here to promote it. Please send a /tell to Alacard for a pearl. It's purely a chat/social/hook-up linkshell, so level/job/race is unimportant. I've been a member of BritishGeezers for quite some time now, but wanted to create a place where myself and others can be more open about ourselves. Thanks and see you in game.

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    Re: Ragnarok --- RainbowWarriors linkshell

    good idea and stuff but any of my LS's usually has a resident person/group of people of alternate interest (struggling to think of a neutral, non-offensive term on the fly at work, pardon me if i've offended hehe) and they typically held their own quite nicely, they never had a need to feel different than others -- they had the same human urges, just for different people

    i'm trying to imagine an entire LS, and while it would be great for people who haven't had as welcoming LS's as mine have been to our alternative members or for people first coming out/curious I'm picturing chaos lol, as many of our previous residents had very loud and outgoing personalities

    who knows, maybe it'll be same as any other LS or even better an 24 hour party, but I dread the possibility of 24 hour hissyfit-fest lol

    sup CT, Jeyo, Mystier; Sev go to hell haha (An LS full of Severus's would make me quit 5 minutes before I ever joined)

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