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    4 wire speaker system to 2 wire speakers?

    Parents are wanting some out door speakers, however the current system uses 4 wires (2 pair) to two indoor 4 wire speakers, and the good/less expensive outdoor speakers are all 2 wired (1 pair).

    On the system there is a pair for both high and low frequencies @ 6ohms each, obviosuly I could just hook up one pair, and it would work, but would miss out on either the high or low freqs.

    Im not sure if bridge/bi/series/para wiring is the answer since this is more of dealing with sound, rather than amps/ohms.

    I dont have the speakers on hand, so I cant try running both pairs from the system into the one pair on the speaker. I have a feeling sound will come out, but im not sure how it will sound, or if running 4 wires with different freqs into a one pair speaker will damage the speaker.

    I did some google searches like '4 wire speaker to 2 wire' and such, but didnt really find anything. Im wondering if there are some sort of small connectors/converters that can handle it as well.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

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    Re: 4 wire speaker system to 2 wire speakers?

    Sounds like you would need a mixer device to get the frequencies back together. The two outputs on the four wire pair is causes by high and low pass filters internal to the receivers. So! You just need something to combine them back together. I'd try talking to one of the guys at radio shack, I've learned about this before in tech school but it was more on the internal component level.

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