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    Cape Terrigan Garrison

    Has anyone ever done this?

    I wanna try it, my idea is to sleep all mobs and tak'em one by one.

    Any recommended setup or other good ideas for a lv75 Garrison?

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    Re: Cape Terrigan Garrison

    I've done it like 2 years ago a few times. We had around 10-12 people and it was retardedly easy. Most of the melee were subbing WHM to help curing the NPCs. If you keep them alive, they do most of the work for you. The incoming mobs arent very strong. Be prepared to fight with alot of lag.

    That's everything I can share. I have no idea what the minimum setup is. But bringing maybe 10 people with lots of trigger items is a good way, since you get better drops when more NPCs survive.

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    Re: Cape Terrigan Garrison

    I've done this a couple times for fun. The mobs are fairly low level and you shouldn't have problems with any setup. You don't really need any strategy.

    If you really want to be safe you can have someone help with the non garrison mobs that agro, but again it really shouldn't be a problem. Just have your mages pay attention to curing the random npcs. You actually get a small amount of gil just for winning.

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    Re: Cape Terrigan Garrison

    Remember it scales.

    6 members
    12 members
    18 members

    if you have 7 members, it spawns enough for 12, not overwhelming that much but if you have less than par people, NPCs die, and less drops for all. It's fun, my LS does it when we're super bored and have nothing planned.

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    Re: Cape Terrigan Garrison

    I was actually wondering about doing this with some friends just for a change of pace and for fun. How does SCH fare with this? Being that they can cure-bomb NPCs fairly well.

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    Re: Cape Terrigan Garrison

    Bumping this instead of newthreading for Garrison questions:

    How often can a single person trade a pop item for Garrison?
    Is the trade limit (if any) restricted to the region? For example, if San d'Oria controls Zulkheim and Vollbow, can a person trade an item for Garrison in Zulkheim then travel to Vollbow and trade another pop item?

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    Re: Cape Terrigan Garrison

    Once per conquest tally(pretty sure you can do each zone each tally, not 100% positive though). I used to do teriggan one a lot, since I could never find a Rai Kunimitsu on AH and wanted to play with it and my paladin friend wanted a couple mighty weapons for kirin breath on windsday. Went 1/4 or something, was pretty fun/easy with a party of 6.

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