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    Maxing Evisceration damage

    Just a question wondering whats the best way to cap Evisceration damage. Im a Bard (lol) and just wanna see how much damage I can pull off. For TP I know what to do in terms of getting Haste Gear. Now for WS I was assuming something like Hectacomb for WS and stuff to make it out.

    PS: Also just another tidbit since Bard can wear Kitty pants would those be better than N.Legs?

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    I am in the middle of working on my melee BRD build as well(eh it's for buffering it in Campaign), basically yeah, Hecatomb is great, I personally like the AF+1 legs, they're good for buffing as well.

    Currently I use:


    Dusk feet are simply b/c I don't have anything better at the moment, will get N.Feet eventually. I'd take N.Body over the relic if I had it for the Acc, the most important thing is landing all 5 hits.

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    Id use the Relic Body in WS still over Hecta body if my Accuracy is fine (Especially on mobs where my dagger skill is capped and hitting with no problems.) Since it gives DEX also for the mod. But im not toally sure if it is better just assuming.

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    Dex for crit rate is a factor too.

    First land all five hits while keeping an appropriate amount of total Dex for a good crit rate, then pump WS mods where you can, and luckily for you, you can use Minuets and Madrigals and such as appropriate.

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    Attack, attack, attack. Weaponskill damage is all about high attack. Fuck WS mods, especially when they're not STR.

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