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    (Diabolos) Shotya

    Interested in joining an End game LS. Says his character was hacked and server/transfer to Phoenix, and it was mentioned in the Hacked player thread, anyone out there able to vouch for him?

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    Smells like Onions
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    I can vouch for the cat wasn't in the same endgame with him on diabolos but i have known the guy for over 10 years. He pretty much got jacked for all his shit,erased Flist,then they server swap him. I dont think he was even able to get most of his stuff back after the hack either... I would have just quit if that shit happen to me. Anyone of his old LS members should also b able to vouch for him too.He was with them a long time.I don't think he had beef with anyone on the server at all except maybe a few random noobs he talked shit too. Good friend and great player tho would b a good dude to have in any LS imo.

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    Think I remember seeing this guy around. Cant remember for the life of me what ls he was in, but had a well geared sam and mnk if i'm not mistaken.

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    Shotya is a good guy, had no idea he was hacked as we lost touch when I moved to caitsith.

    Was in a LS with him for a while (about 6 months), nothing bad to say. I did CoP Chapter 4 to 8-3 with him on my second character. Always friendly, had a mnk and blu at 75 last I knew.

    He was in a shell called AmericanIdol for a while (Persiusxx on these boards was the leader of that shell). He left for a shell which was renamed Illuminati or something close to that.

    Found the link to where it is reported he was hacked ( ).

    Shotya would be a good addition to any group. He knows his mnk and blu quite well.