Has anyone ever messed with/found some solutions for wireless interference between 802.11-based devices?

Me and my new roommate have messed around with it a little bit, and took the router out of the equation (bumped the channel down below 2.4ghz) but we're having problems getting Wii/360 controllers to not screw up a wireless cableTV transmitter :\

The cable tv transmitter only has 4 channels, between 2.413 and 2.468 and the game controllers jump anywhere from 2.4 to 2.48...

The Wii one just jumps around the frequencies at a whim to 'try' and avoid interference but fails... and the 360 controller supposedly tries to avoid any frequency that has traffic (still fails).

We can't really move either the transmitter/receiver for the TVs and the game systems are gonna follow the big screen that they are hooked up to Anyone dealt with this before?