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    WotG from Direct2Drive?

    Just wondering if anyone bought Wings of the Goddess from Direct2Drive, I can't find any information about how it works. Obviously the registration key is the important part, does that just come as part of the download?

    Generally I don't like using services such as this because of the dependence on their "digital-rights management server", but as long as I get a valid WotG registration key I should even be able to torrent the actual disc data in the future if needed.

    Am I locking myself into Direct2Drive any way by buying it through there instead of in a store?

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    buy it, and when you goto download the game, itll send you your key.
    will also do it EVERYTIME you download.
    just make sure you give the correct email.
    I'm quite happy with my d2d purchases thus far, as FFXI torrents are hard to come by, and this downloaded at 1MB/S.

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    They'll email you registration code. As far as I know, you can also see it anytime you want from your account main page.