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    House Rules and Character sheets

    Note: Not all the information here is set in stone. I'm always open minded to all content and ideas.

    What is PbP(play by post)? Players and DM play using a forum. This slows things down, but also makes it very easy to play and can add more depth to roleplay. PbP campaigns are LONG. This is something you will have to accept before you start playing one. Expect to take 1 to 10 minutes of your time a day playing the game.

    I know there are problems with meeting online. Using Pbp, it's much easier to game no matter what you do in real life or in FFXI or any other game you spend your time with.

    Prepare for some text...

    *You should be able to post at least once a day, or at minimum view the thread once a day. You will also be expected to check the OoC thread(this one after campaign begins) to keep up to date with important game details. If something comes up and you are unable to do this, please send a message and we'll work it through. The goal is to have everyone post at least twice a day during combat, but this is rarely possible. It's not a big deal if you miss this sometimes, but can a campaign killer if people go MIA. Also, the quicker the campaign flows the more things the group gets to do and the funner it will be.

    *You should have a basic understanding of the rules presented in PHB. If you don't quite "got it", but really want to play PM me and I'll guide you through the basics. If you think the rules are too complex, but still want to play: Don't be intimidated, I'll lend a hand and I promise you will be able to understand it if you were able to understand FFXI.
    **If anyone needs help making characters, PM me and I'll help.

    *Please be familiar with house rules and campaign specifics listed in the posts below.

    *No being dicks to each other as players. I have no problem with party tensions being roleplayed. However there is a line. When someone isn't having fun because their character was killed by another character or they had a magic item stolen, that line has been crossed. Players are always free to do what they like as long they are not destructive to the campaign and its fun for everyone.

    *No cheating. I will be able to check this as you'll see below. I REALLY hope I don't have to enforce this.

    *Not so much a rule but some general directions.
    -Pick a font that is readable on a white background. This is your talking font color. When characters speak in is in this font. Quotation is optional. Describing actions should probably just be in normal fonts.
    -Out of character is anything that isn't describing a character's actions or speech. This also includes combat decisions/actions. Two ways of speaking OoT: 1) In parentheses/brackets and in a separate paragraph; 2) Spoiler Tag(preferred). For big OoC messages use this thread once the campaign starts.
    -In battle, include your characters current HP and action points if he has any.

    *Again, not rule... more a tip.
    At the beginning of combat initiative is rolled as normal. But, players describe what they do in any order. At some point when enough players have gone so that the monsters can, I will play some or all of the turns(if all players went) in order. This is quite a bit different than normal. Ideally you'll to list a plan B and make good use of readying actions.

    "Tordek attacks the Goblin, unless Party Member Rydar has already taken care of him, then Tordek instead moves blah blah, etc etc".

    Another tip would be to wait for others if you are the way down in the initiative line. If something happens that changes your turn too much, I'll let you redo it.

    Finally, Interrupts are tricky things. Say if you want to use them if something happens or have some general condition "If x gets attacked", "If he attempts to do x"... and so on. If you didn't get to use an interrupt because I didn't give you the chance to, say you do, and I'll change the outcome. If the turn has just ended, you'll have to be quick with this.. OAs will also be controlled by players, I'll tell you to roll. This whole blurb is tricky because 4e is not as pbp as previous editions were, I will change if it becomes difficult in play.

    *Yeah, okay... none of these are rules anymore.
    During combat I will post a grid(maybe even a pretty map to go with it! but I wouldn't get your hopes up). 4e is very tactical miniature based. Use the positions(letter-#) to describe where you move.

    *Optionally, if players give their character a background/personality they will be rewarded. I'm thinking some extra action points. Background can include details about cities, countries, or religions you can make up and will be apart of the campaign world. Naturally, there is some limitation. It has to fit in with the default DnD setting, a few specific campaign details of my own, and I usually mold it a little so it fits in nicely with everyone(Example: if two character come from an Elvaan empire located far away, I'll make them come from the same empire; Example: If a character comes from a fallen kingdom I'll make it so that he comes from a nearby nation I already had in mind). Backgrounds will likely be used as hooks for adventuring plots.

    *For dice rolls we will be using invisible castle's "roll dice" feature.


    It's explained fairly well within that page, but there are a few more guidelines I'd like to add personally.
    -You must always use the same character name for rolls. Make sure this name isn't already in use by searching it. If it is and you don't feel like changing it, just as BG or something to the end of it. Rolls must ALWAYS been made with this name.
    -Link the BBcode given to the forum.
    -Use space under Note describe simply what a roll is for. If you are doing multiple rolls separate them the same way you do rolls( ; ).
    -Always roll things like Attack(To Hit) and Damage together unless you have some kind of power that let's you decide to use it after you succeed at it.

    Here is an example:

    Attack; Damage (1d20+5=8, 1d8+5=9)

    Roles and Size
    It would be a good idea for each role (leader, striker, defender, and controller) represented at least once. This is entirely optional though.

    Likely, there will be a maximum of 5 players. I may stretch to 6. Minimum will be 3 players.

    Game will start in roughly a month. Distracted a little and need to iron out a few 4e details. Will edit for a specific date.

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    House Rules

    Take 20
    Spoiler: show
    Take 20 works very much like Take 10 from the PHB. It's a concept that was present for 3e, that I would like to bring back. I will quote the 3e SRD for a simple explanation:

    When you have plenty of time (generally 2 minutes for a skill that can normally be checked in 1 round, one full-round action, or one standard action), you are faced with no threats or distractions, and the skill being attempted carries no penalties for failure, you can take 20. In other words, eventually you will get a 20 on 1d20 if you roll enough times. Instead of rolling 1d20 for the skill check, just calculate your result as if you had rolled a 20.

    Taking 20 means you are trying until you get it right, and it assumes that you fail many times before succeeding. Taking 20 takes twenty times as long as making a single check would take.

    Since taking 20 assumes that the character will fail many times before succeeding, if you did attempt to take 20 on a skill that carries penalties for failure, your character would automatically incur those penalties before he or she could complete the task.
    *Cannot Take 20 during Skill Challenges.
    *Cannot Take 20 on Knowledge-type Skill Checks.

    Race House Rules

    Spoiler: show
    -Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom.
    -Dragonborn are Half-Dragons: the spawn of a human, elf, or dwarf and a dragon using shape shifting magic. They are usually outcasts among their personal societies looked on with fear, but are sometimes accepted and treated as honorable warriors(most common among war-fueled nations and dwarves). (Usually evil) Worshipers of dragon gods like Tiamat see Dragonborn as a superior race to all others, only below Dragons. Dragonborn rarely know of their dragon parent and almost never have a relationship with that dragon. Dragonborn do not gain any benefits from their secondary race.
    -Dragonborn scales do match their breath weapon and heritage. [Parent/Scale Color - Breath]
    Black - Acid
    Blue - Lightning
    Green - Poison
    Red - Fire
    White - Cold
    Brass - Fire
    Bronze - Lightning
    Copper - Acid
    Gold - Fire
    Silver - Cold

    -Characters may exchange Longsword proficiency for Elves' Bow proficiency.
    -Eladrin are half-Fey Elves. They are very rare and highly revered. They have no personal culture similar to most crossbreeds, but are considered the most magically talented members in elven society. The fey parentage may belong to any humanoid fey, but most commonly are nymphs or satyrs. Eladrin are unable to have children.

    -Ability Scores:+2 Charisma, +2 any other ability.
    -Multi-Talented: Half-Elves do not need to fulfill any attribute prerequisites for feats with the [Multi-Class] tag.

    -+2 Intelligence, +2 attribute of their choice: Dexterity, Wisdom, or Charisma.
    -Tieflings are humans with old devil or demon blood in their veins. They are most commonly sons or grandsons of Half-Fiends. They are crossbreeds in this sense. Most Tieflings are descendants of dead noble houses that aligned themselves with evil outsiders. While not necessarily evil, they are always the most tempted by the dark side. When Tiefling have children, there is a very small chance their child will be a Tiefling instead of a human. Tiefling lack a living culture, they live in human lands, usually in big cities where many would not care about their appearance.

    The Aasimar is available for play. This original write up(with some minor changes by me) is by pukunui of Enworld
    Spoiler: show
    Racial Traits
    Avg Height: 5' 6" - 6' 4"
    Avg Weight: 150 - 240lbs

    Ability Scores: +2 Wisdom, +2 attribute of their choice: Strength, Constitution, or Charisma.
    Size: Medium
    Speed: 6 Squares
    Vision: Low-light

    Languages: Common, Supernal
    Skill Bonuses: +2 Intimidate, +2 Insight
    Angelic Presence: Attacks against the aasimar take a -1 penalty until the aasimar is bloodied.
    Cold Resistance: You have resist radiant 5 + one-half your level
    Angelic Zeal: You can use angelic zeal as an encounter power.

    Angelic Zeal
    Your angelic blood boils with righteous zeal, improving your odds of gaining victory over your foes.
    Minor Action * Personal
    Effect: You channel the zeal of your angelic ancestors to gain a +1 power bonus to your next attack roll against an enemy that hit you since your last turn. If your attack hits and deals damage, add your CHA modifier as extra damage.

    Aasimar are similar to Tieflings in that they have the blood of planar outsiders. Their human blood is mixed with that of angels. They look mostly human but are unusually pale, have only light eye color, and hair that can range from blond to blue to white. They are considered beautiful in a sense, but at the same time otherworldly unsettling. They are not always people of good nature, but they tend to be honorable. Aasimar are usually decedents from dead Noble Houses that were allies with angels. When Aasimar have children, there is a very small chance their child will be an Aasimar instead of a human. Aasimar lack a living culture and are usually found in human lands, sometimes posing as humans.

    Warforged is available for play. Their stats are available at the follow DDI page. It requires a free sign-up which I suggest you to do. I plan on hosting the pdf in a few days, so if you want to wait, that works too.

    Gnomes are also available for play. Simple Gnome (and Warforged) stats are located in the back of the MM. Wizards of the Coast are planning to release a better stat-out of Gnome which we can expect next month.

    Class House Rules

    Spoiler: show
    -Trained Skills: A Ranger must choose Perception, Dungeoneering, or Nature as a Trained Skill. They may pick three others.
    -Streetwise is an available Trained Skill for Ranger.
    -Prime Shot is only available to "Archery" style Rangers.

    -Trained Skills: Warlord must choose Intimidate or Diplomacy as a Trained Skill. They may pick three others.

    -Perception is an available Trained Skill for Fighters.

    A Bard class written up by Enworld's saric is available for play. (Arcane Leader)

    The Multi-class rules present in the PHB are replaced by the following created by Nift of Enworld.

    Skill Challenge System Change
    [Note: The previous link was an outdated version and incorrect]

    Spoiler: show
    I am using Stalker0's rewrite of the 4e Skill Challenge system as the previous one is rather broken. You only need to read the first post(second one is aimed at DMs). Do so after reading the Skill Challenge rules in the official books to gain a full understanding of the concept.

    To quote the first part and what is said the only part players need to read:

    The Basic Skill Challenge
    3 Segments: Every skill challenge consists of three segments. Each segment can last as long as the DM desires. For many challenges, a segment will be a single round. In others, it could be an encounter or several hours of work. During each segment:

    1) Each player describes an action that his character is doing, whether it’s tumbling past a guard or talking with a duke. Players are free to describe actions that directly contribute to a skill challenge, or that simply help their fellow party members succeed. Both actions are considered equally important for the challenge.
    2) The DM and the player work together to decide the right skill check for the action. In general, a player should be using skills that fit the challenge type (Physical, Mental, and Social) though the DM is the final judge whether a certain skill can be used.
    3) If the player gives a particularly good description or role-plays well, the DM can give him a +2 to the skill check.
    4) All players roll their skill checks versus the DC of the challenge. The DM counts up all of the successes that are made.
    5) Steps 1-3 are repeated for the second and third segments of the challenge. The DM totals up all of the successes made, and then determines whether the party failed, obtained victory, or only obtained partial victory.

    Player Options: While playing in a skill challenge, players can use the following:
    Bold Recovery: A player may spend an action point to reroll a skill check they have made, before they might know if the roll was a success or failure. The player must take the result of the reroll. If the skill challenge is particularly long, the DM may grant the players the option to use additional action points.

    Critical Success: A natural 20 on a skill check is an automatic success. In addition, the player may reroll the skill check. If he beats the DC with his second check, he receives another success. If a player rolls multiple 20’s in a row, he may continue to reroll and gain additional successes.

    Primary Skill: For most challenges, the DM assigns one or two skills as the center point of the challenge. Players using that skill receive a +2 to their skill checks. Example: In a negotiation with a Duke, diplomacy would be the primary skill. In a scene where the party sneaks into an orc camp, stealth would be the primary skill. If the players were researching a secret from ancient arcane texts, arcana would be the primary.

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    Character Creation and Campaign Setting

    Character Creation Guidelines

    *Starting at level 1. Pick a Class and Race from those available (view PHB and house rules). Follow all rules in the PHB as normal.

    *Use 22-Point Buy to determine Ability Scores as described in PHB (page 17, Method 2: Customizing Scores).

    *Alignment can be chosen as normal. Chaotic Evil is banned. If you decide to be Evil, you must have a pretty good reason to not 1) Backstab party members and 2) Be a hero instead of a villain.

    *Deities can be chosen from the book or made up entirely(including entire monotheistic religions or worshiping ancestors or whatever you have in mind). If a Cleric makes his own divine source and wants to take a feat that grants a cleric power, he must pick one currently in PHB and rename it. As gods are rarely involved in the affairs of humans and the times are dark, Agnosticism and even Atheism are common. You are allowed to modify Deities in the PHB to your liking.

    *As said in the first post, you may shape the world with your background if it fits with the setting explained below.

    *In addition to the Languages in the PHB, I've also added: [Language - Spoken by... - Script]
    -Savage - Lizardfolk, Yuan-Ti, Naga, Gnolls* - Iokharic Script
    *Gnolls, at least common ones, do not speak abyssal.

    This spoiler will sum up in a simple manner all the changes House Rules make when creating a character:

    Spoiler: show
    If you make a Dragonborn:
    Add +2 WIS instead of +2 CHA to your ability scores.

    If you make an Eladrin:
    -You may instead gain proficiency with Short and Long Bow instead of a Long Sword.

    If you make a Half-Elf:
    -Add +2 to any ability score of your choice instead of only CON.
    -Add "Multi-Talented" as a racial trait.

    If you make a Tiefling:
    -Add +2 to DEX, WIS, or CHA instead of only CHA.

    If you make a Ranger:
    -You can pick Perception instead of Nature or Dungeoneering when choosing a skill you must a start with.
    -Streetwise is available to be picked as a skill
    -If you are a Two-Blade fighting style you cannot use Prime Shot.

    If you make a Warlord:
    -You must pick Diplomacy or Intimidate as one of your starting skills. You get to pick three others.

    If you make a Fighter:
    -Perception is available to be picked as a skill

    The Setting

    It should be noted the details here will be changed once the game starts as the backgrounds of characters will be adopted.

    The Continent, the Old Kingdom, and the New Kingdoms
    Spoiler: show
    The continent in which our campaign takes place in is a large one, longer than it is wide. Its most northern mass tips the equator and its most southern mass is almost subantarctic. In the north are humid jungles and a vast desert. In the south are frozen mountain ranges and sleeping volcanos. In between these two extremes, where the campaign will take place, are a group of very varied climates with plains, forests, swamps, hills, and mountains that has allowed dozens of unique cultures to form and exist.

    To the west is the fey allied Elven Empire. To the east are the human inhabited New Kingdoms, some fallen, that was once under one empire now often called the "Old Kingdom". In the mountains between and within the two are many small kingdoms and city-states which belong to the dwarves. Halflings have no nation of their own but can be found anywhere and own most of the major trading companies. Tieflings, Aasimar, Half-Elves, and Dragonborn are also scattered. With no real culture of their own they cling onto humans, elves, or dwarves. In the south the Gnomes live secret lives in their dwarf-like strongholds and create Warforged to use as mercenaries or for their own defense.

    Goblioniods can also be found anywhere. While goblins are rat-like annoyances, hobgoblins have small military states within the mountains battling dwarves, selling their mercenary services, or eyeing a human or elven settlement. The south has Orcs, barbaric Dwarves, and Giants roaming, sometimes ready to raid a village or town. In the north barbarians of human or halfling race, Gnolls, Lizardfolk, and the Yuan-ti rule the savannas, swamps, and jungles and are much more aggressive than their southern cousins.

    The Old Kingdom was once ruled by an Emperor who was able to unite all of the human lands. His dynasty lasted until the Noble Houses were able to usurp the current emperor hundreds of years later. Some of these Noble Houses allied themselves with devils or angels and would evidentially lead to the existence of tieflings and aasimars. This caused the Old Kingdom to split apart as allied barons, dukes, or entire houses grasped whatever land they could. This was the creation of the New Kingdoms. For roughly a hundred years there had been a constant period of war.

    Fifteen years ago, a massive horde of Southern Barbarians lead by Fire Giants and Frost Giants stormed both the Elven Empire and New Kingdoms. At the time the New Kingdoms were still in its long period of war amongst themselves. This invasion was able to take advantage of their condition and caused the fall of some of these kingdoms. The Elven Empire also lost a good piece of their territory, still occupied by barbarians to this day. The bloody war lasted five years until finally the horde was pushed back and almost destroyed by an allied force. The remaining horde later dissipated when the alliance between the giants was broken. This has given the civilized lands a chance to recover.

    This event has set the stage of the current dark age the New Kingdoms are going through. While the war between the states has finally come to an end, evil in the form of cults or beastmen tribes are a much greater threat.

    The Campaign will begin in the town of Braye within this region. Braye belonged to The Duchy of Bres which fell during the war. This has given the town a neutral and free status. It is known for its troubles of bandits and occasional raiders, but it is very valuable. Braye is located on an important trading route between a strong barony and duchy. The trading companies that use Braye are looking for heroes to protect this town. A point of light in the darkness. Other important features of Braye: It has a nearby military academy, a minor wizard guild, and is ran by a council of four.

    When creating a character you must decide how or why your character is in Braye. Here are some ideas:
    -Your character has heard from a nearby town or city that the Morus Trading Company is hiring adventurers to deal with threats pestering Braye's Guard.
    -Your character has recently graduated from the academy, but is not ready or unwilling to enlist in any of the New Kingdom's armies.
    -Your character has hopes of joining the Wizard Guild or is already a novice member.
    -Your character was born and raised in Braye and is now looking to adventure.
    -Your character was apart of a caravan, but broke off after arriving in Braye.
    -Your character is a friend/family member of another player's character is tagging along to help.

    Posting Characters and Recruitment

    Post your characters within this thread. If I must, I'll choose up to 5 or 6 people to take part in this campaign. Before we continue, please understand you will be expected to be active enough so that this campaign can move at a consistent pace.

    You can present your character in any format as long as it can be displayed within a post and not only an attachment and has all necessary details. I've made an example character sheet.

    Spoiler: show

    Character Name
    Class Level#
    HP: . (Bloodied: )
    Healing Surges Per Day: . (Amount healed on Healing Surge#)
    Passive Insight: (10+Skill Bonus#)
    Passive Perception: (10+Skill Bonus#)

    STR #(Mod#), DEX #(Mod#), CON #(Mod#), INT #(Mod#), WIS #(Mod#), CHA #(Mod#)


    Weapon/Power: +# vs AC/Fort/Ref/Will, Damage, Range
    Weapon/Power: "
    Weapon/Power: "
    Weapon/Power: "

    Armor Penalty:

    Racial Features:

    Class Features:





    Equipment and Magic Items:



    Age and Gender:

    Alignment: (Optional)


    Physical Description:



    Other Details:

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    Character sheet:
    Spoiler: show
    Name: Variz
    Gender: Male
    Age: 117
    Alignment: Neutral
    Race: Dragonborn (Silver)
    Class: Two Handed Fighting Ranger
    Height: 6'8"
    Weight: 200 lb
    Deity: N/A
    Personality: Whimsical and enigmatic individual who knows more than he usually lets on. Often intrigued by the culture and exploits of other shorter-lived races, especially those of humans.
    Background: Born from an elven mother and a silver dragon father in the elven empire on the west. He has no memory of his father, as he left shortly after his birth, though stories from his mother and other relatives describe him as an admirable man. He was raised by his mother on the noble household belonging to his maternal grandfather. As a half dragon, Variz lived an ordinary existence without any discrimination from the elven society due to the social status of his household, and his metallic dragon heritage. When the news of the barbarian invasion reached him, he decided to join the elven force to fight back. After the war against the horde was over, he decides not to return to his home, and go on a journey to see the world. As he wanders the land, he often offer his aid in rebuilding the destroyed settlement or protect them. Currently in Braye for that particular reason.
    Description: A tall muscular humanoid with draconic feature. Silver scales, blue eyes.

    Level 1

    Str 18 (+4)
    Dex 14 (+2)
    Con 13 (+1)
    Int 10 (-0)
    Wis 16 (+3)
    Cha 8 (-1)

    HP 30/30
    Bloodied 15
    Surges 7/7 (8)
    AC 15
    Fortitude 15
    Reflex 13
    Will 13
    Initiative +2
    Action Points 1
    Speed 6 (5)
    Carried 31lb


    [Dex] Acrobatics 7
    [Int] Arcana 0
    [Str] Athletics 9
    [Cha] Bluff -1
    [Cha] Diplomacy -1
    [Wis] Dungeoneering 3
    [Con] Endurance 1
    [Wis] Heal 8
    [Int] History 2
    [Wis] Insight 3
    [Cha] Intimidate 1
    [Wis] Nature 8
    [Wis] Perception 8
    [Int] Religion 0
    [Dex] Stealth 2
    [Cha] Streetwise -1
    [Dex] Thievery 2

    Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic

    Passive Perception: 18
    Passive Insight: 13

    2 Bastard Sword (1d10 + STR, STR vs AC, versatile)
    Hide Armor (Light, +3 AC, -1 STR DEX CON checks)

    Gold: 10 GP


    (Class)Toughness: You gain an additional 5 hit points at each tier of play (at 1st, 11th, and 21st level).
    (Race)Draconic Heritage: Healing surge = 1/4 HP + CON modifier
    (Race)Dragonborn Fury: +1 to attack rolls when bloodied.
    (Race)Dragonbreath: May use dragonbreath as an encounter power.
    (LV.1)Weapon Proficiency(Bastard Sword): Gain proficiency bonus to attack rolls made by bastard sword.


    Twin Strike (1W, Str vs AC, 2 attacks)
    Attack with mainhand and offhand weapons.
    Hit and Run (1W+STR, Str vs AC)
    may move after attack without triggering opportunity
    attack from first square adjacent to target

    Two Fanged Strike (1W + STR, Str vs AC, 2 Attacks)
    Add WIS mod when both attack lands
    Dragon Breath (1d6 + CON, close blast 3, STR + 2 vs Reflex, cold damage)
    Minor action, attack all target in burst area.
    Jaws of the Wolf (2W+STR, Str vs AC, 2 attacks)
    Miss: Half damage per attack.

    May make modification on some part before campaign starts.

    PS: Do we need to sweat the adventuring/camping gears etc?

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    Character Sheet (Subject to change depending on other players' classes)

    Spoiler: show

    Character Name: Somoé Ay'Dayeed
    Race: Tiefling
    Class Level: Wizard 1
    HP: 22 (Bloodied: 11)
    Initiative: 0
    Healing Surges Per Day: 7 (Amount healed on Healing Surge: 5)
    Speed: 6
    Passive Insight: (19)
    Passive Perception: (14)

    STR 8 (-1)
    CON 12 (+1)
    DEX 10 (-)
    INT 18 (+4)
    WIS 18 (+4)
    CHA 12 (+1)

    AC: 14
    Fort: 11
    Ref: 14
    Will: 16

    Weapon/Power: +# vs AC/Fort/Ref/Will, Damage, Range
    Dagger             +2 vs. AC      1d4-1     --
    Magic Missle       +4 vs. Ref     2d4+4     20
    Thunderwave        +4 vs. Fort    1d6+4     Close Blast 3     Push targets 4
    Chill Strike       +4 vs. Fort    2d8+4     10                Target Dazed
    Flaming Sphere     +5 vs. Ref     2d6+4     10                1d4+5 dmg to any creature starting turn next to sphere. Sustain minor, move/attack again as move/standard action
    Sleep              +4 vs. Will     -        Burst 2 20        Slowed (save ends). If target fails first saving throw, unconscious (save ends). Miss: Slowed (save ends).
        ACROBATICS    DEX                
        ARCANA        INT        5        
        ATHLETICS    STR                
        BLUFF        CHA            5    +2
        DIPLOMACY    CHA                
        DUNGEONEERING    WIS                
        ENDURANCE    CON                
        HEAL        WIS                
        HISTORY        INT        5        
        INSIGHT        WIS        5        
        INTIMIDATE    CHA                
        NATURE        WIS                
        PERCEPTION    WIS                
        RELIGION    INT             5   
        STEALTH        DEX                +2            
        STREETWISE    CHA                
        THIEVERY    DEX
    Armor Penalty: -
    Languages: Common, Abyssal (Is that still the crazy demon/devil language?)

    Racial Features:
    +2 INT/WIS; +1 atk vs. bloodied creatures; Resist vs. Fire 5+ 1/2 level

    Class Features:
    Cantrips; Orb of Imposition

    Skill Training - Bluff
    Ritual Casting

    Magic Missle

    Infernal Wrath
    Chill Strike

    Flaming Sphere*

    Comprehend Languages
    Tenser's Floating Disk
    Make Whole

    Equipment and Magic Items:
    Spellbook, Dagger, Orb


    Age and Gender: 16 F

    Alignment: (Optional) N


    Physical Description: Red hair, black horns, very short, looks very young for her age.

    Personality: Acts very cheerful around others, but borderline sadistic if she thinks she can get away with it.

    Background: Del Pourdos, a Halfling rogue of minor notoriety was seduced by a succubus and Somoé was the unlikely result of this union. Her biological mother was tracked down and slain by Del and his companions, but he felt no attachment to the infant and left her in care of the wizards of Dayeed. She resents her father, those who raised her, and society as a whole, but has learned to feign sunny innocence in order to deal with others. Somoé has a great lust for power and has no qualms about any means she may have to use to get it.

    Other Details:

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    Got home and finished my sheet because for some reason I got really pumped. I am pretty sure everything is correct except for the Attack/Damage boxes on the middle right of the first page. The terminology is confusing to me, it says "Ability Name" but I think they mean "Power Name", because aren't Abilities just your 'stats' like Wisdom/Charisma, etc?

    Anyway, just take a quick look over it I guess, shouldn't be much to correct if anything, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp over everything except for combat in general but I feel like that'll make more sense once I'm in my first battle.

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    Hammer's Character Sheet

    Spoiler: show
    Fighter 1
    HP: 29. (Bloodied: 14)
    Initiative: +2
    Healing Surges Per Day: 11. (7)
    Speed: 5 (-1 from Armor)
    Passive Insight: 11
    Passive Perception: 11

    STR 18(+4), DEX 14(+2), CON 14(+2), INT 11(0), WIS 13(+1), CHA 10(0)

    AC: 19
    Fort: 14
    Ref: 14
    Will: 12

    Basic Melee w/ Hammer: +7 vs AC, 1d10+5
    Basic Ranged: +2 vs AC.
    Sure Strike w/ Hammer: " +9 vs AC, 1d10+1
    Covering Attack w/ Hammer: +7 vs AC, 2d10+5
    Comeback Strike w/ Hammer: +7 vs AC, 2d10+5

    Skills: (*=Trained)
    Intimidate* +7
    Endurance* +7
    Athletics* +7
    Perception +1
    Insight +1
    Stealth +0

    Armor Penalty: -2
    Languages: Common

    Racial Features:
    Living Construct(+2 saving throws against ongoing damage, don’t need to eat/drink/breathe, 4 hours “light sleep”, death saving throw roll must be 10 or higher)
    Warforged Mind(+1 Will Bonus)
    +2 Intimidate, Endurance

    Class Features:
    Combat Challenge
    Combat Superiority
    Fighter Weapon Talent (Hammer)

    Weapon Focus (Hammer)

    At-Will: Sure Strike, Tide of Iron

    Encounter: Covering Attack, Warforged Resolve(racial)

    Daily: Comeback Strike

    Equipment and Magic Items:
    -Heavy Shield (Attached Component)
    -Scale Armor (Attached Component)
    -Standard adventurer’s kit (Sunrod is Attached Component)
    -Climber’s kit


    Wealth: 4 gold pieces

    Age and Gender: 13 Male

    Alignment: Neutral

    Deity/Deities/Faith: None

    Physical Description: Like most Warforged his body and skin looks like armor, scale mail. His joints are wooden and flexible. His cold eyes are glowing green spheres. His heavy brow is crown-shaped and wraps around his entire head. His face is shaped with a wicked, but sharp smile. A large metal shield is binded to his left arm and a slot on his breast fits a sunrod, emitting light when placed.

    Personality: Straight forward, plain, and naive. If it comes down to it, he has little qualms with appearing scary or taking a life. Has little preference on anything, but is always dead set on completing the task he is given. He feels no kinship towards Warforged, Gnomes, or anyone else. He has never had a friend, but always respects people who helps him complete his tasks.

    Background: Like most Warforged, Hammer was built during the war to be used as a mercenary. Named after his weapon, he was built to help defend military bases against the hordes of beastmen. He fought in only a few minor battles before Hammer was severely damaged to the point of shutting down and abandoned. Almost a decade later, after the war, he was found and repaired. Owing a debt to his new masters, he began to work as a freelance once again with the group of wandering merchant gnomes known the "Ganzo Mercenary Band." Hammer's last contract was with a small time thief known as Del Pourdos. Del disappeared before the Warforged could meet him. Longing to finish his task, he began to search for the thief as a side project which eventually led him to his current situation.

    Other Details: Has an unexplainable minor phobia of heated metals

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    btw, this shouldn't be stickied. Shouldn't have been stickied for like a year now.

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    You wouldn't know that though because you've demonstrably never picked up a book nor educated yourself on the matter. Let me guess, overweight housewife?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BRP View Post
    btw, this shouldn't be stickied. Shouldn't have been stickied for like a year now.
    done and done

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    i'm awesome.
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    I wish this had worked out.

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    Actually I am kind of glad it didn't. At the time I thought 4e's combat would go faster. From experience since then I know that basically the opposite is true. (For lower levels anyway.)

    It was an interesting learning experience though. Rather late to say this, but thanks to those who participated!

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    If that google desktop thing lives up to its hype, I might try to play another DnD game, probably with simplified rules.