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    Booting linux on XP

    friend of mine needs to use linux for a class but his computer is windows XP, and asked me if I knew how to dual boot. In short not quite. Wondering if anyone has a link to a how to for dual booting on a comp with 1 HDD, or can give me instructions. thanks.

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    Most linux versions can run directly from the CD - if he just needs to play around a bit this is by far the easiest option as you don't even need to install the operating system.

    If he needs to dual boot, you basically just install it, create a partition, and then when you boot up you'll choose which OS you want to install. If he needs step-by-step directions, this is a good site for it assuming he's using Ubuntu.

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    looks easy, guessing ubuntu is the best "free" linux based OS for programming or w/e? and if I can get his comp set, will it be reversible? thanks btw.

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    Or he could use a virtual machine.

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    I remember reading about a linux "installer" that would do everything for you... and you can uninstall it later just like any application on xp. Forgot the name though >.> I'm sure people here can help you out.

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    I would personally try a program like Vmware server (free), to virtualize Ubuntu from within XP as Tajin said.

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    If he's doing programming and just needs a Linux command line and the ability to compile programs in an emulated Linux environment, Cygwin is another option. I've used it for a couple of programming assignments that had to be done in an Linux environment, and it worked pretty well for me.

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    http://www.colinux.org/ is another choice. I used it for some projects in college when I needed a quick dual environment and I didn't want a full-on VMWare/VirtualBox solution.

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    btw what I mentioned earlier is wubi:


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