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    Sea Torques
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    Looking for EU/early NA endgame Linkshell

    I'm Arshesney from Valefor server, currently a member of DarkLegions, a PST based HNMLS. Being from Italy it is not easy to attend events, also there are really few EU players on Valefor, making quite a task finding people for about anything.
    I love the people here, but the time zone difference is killer, and I'm missing a lot of fun stuff.
    What I'm looking for, as per topic, is a linkshell (possibly not obsessed with ground kings) active on Einherjar/Dynamis/Limbus/Nyzul/Salvage/sky/sea/ZNM on any server which also hosts a good EU community.

    My usual playtime is from 7pm - 1 am CET (6pm - midnight GMT), more during weekends.

    I have THF/BST/BLU/WHM/RDM 75, working on SMN (64), with WAR/PLD/BLM/DRK/NIN/SCH as available subs.
    All missions (up to the latest WotG) complete, Dynamis-Xarcabard access, only Buburimu silver for CoP dynamis.
    I have good experience with endgame activities (notable exceptions are Proto-Ultima, regular Khimaira, Niddhog, Vrtra).
    All my jobs are decently geared (my profile is public on FFXIAH, as my idling gearsets), but lacking real endgame pieces.

    I like teamwork and cooperation and I'm hoping to find friendly people to have fun with.
    I have been 3 months on Fairy about a year ago, joined an italian ls for a short time (Excalibur), but didn't like it there, left, and waited to return to Valefor in a friendly social.

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    FFXI Server

    We're not into Ground but if that doesn't bother you, check out our website and browse through the news section to get an idea of what we do.

    We're an EU/NA shell which runs Limbus/Sky/Dynamis regularly. We have members in two Nyzul Isle statics and we're starting to make ZNMs a more regular thing (usually Fri nights). We run mixed events at the weekends, other events like sky farming/limbus farming mid week in EU friendly times. We have no italians, just a bunch of UK and Irish peeps but we've had at least a couple of CET players before they quit.

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    CoP Dynamis
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    Feb 2008
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    I was from Valefor too. There is Fusion there, that does all events on EU time.
    It seems they are doing quite OK since Kyosama ( ex lead) left the game. I don't think they do Einherjar, but maybe you can give it a try. You may not like them however, they are really family people and not hardcore people.

    I moved to Midgard a few months ago, there are 3 EU lses here and they usually tackle various events: zEUs ( that is obsessed with camps but not only), Ambition ( nicknamed Ambibot because of their bots) and Seraphi ( which doesn't camp a lot, but have weird recruitment policies).

    I can PM you the urls of their websites if you want.
    To be honest, I'm not in any of these 3 shells ( I moved for one but left after some time), but at least there are more options for EUs than on Valefor.

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