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    FFXI on new model PS3s

    I just picked up one of the newer model 80 gig PS3s (CECHK01), and was wondering if anyone had any idea if FFXI or any other PS2 software would run on it. The box and information says no reverse compatibility, but other places in the manual and box say that it could possibly have limited compatibility. I don't really want to spend the money on new FFXI discs and have it not work, so I was wondering if anyone that had this particular model had any experience with this question.

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    It should have absolutely no backwards compatibility; its the same as the previous 40GB model, they just increased the HD size. The # of USB ports, backwards compatibility, etc, are the same

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    Yeah, the last PS3 model that had backwards-compatibility was the 80gb Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle.

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    What those guys said. I bought the MGS4 bundle and it works fine with FFXI albeit laggy but I can't say if the others work at all, sorry.

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