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    Game Controller + Windower

    Kinda hard to explain, so first I'll give an example.

    When I use widower and I'm playing with my controller, lets say I click this firefox window to type in this thread atm. When I make firefox my current main window, I can still move my character with my controller.

    Now lets say I open another POL and dual box. As soon as the 2nd FFXI opens, lets say I click firefox again. When I move my controller, nothing happens. Each char will only move when I have their respective windows as my current main window.

    Ok, now lets say I close dual box and just play one character. I click Firefox again, and nothing. Even if I close my char down and reopen a new POL, I can't get it to work regularly again unless i restart my PC, which can be annoying.

    So, my question is, is there any way to toggle this feature on and off? For example, if I'm browsing the internet after a dual box, I don't want to have to shut down, but if I don't it gets very annoying to play because I always try to move my char when I'm online reading other shit, BUT, there are situations I DO want it on, which is why I want to know if there's a way to toggle. I only have 1 PC controller and lets say I'm playing Snes9x emulator while I wait on a ls event or lfp, I dont' want my character to go all over the place while I play super nintendo, but the only way I can get this on atm is to open a dual box session first (which won't be available to me much longer because my friend's whose account I dual box is coming back soon).

    If there's anything I can do to help these 2 problems, plz let me konw and thank you in advance.

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    would also like to know this.... kind of annoying when dual boxing with 2 monitors.

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