Long story short my laptop stopped running FF and it's pretty much broken, so I decided to install it on my desktop. Unfortuneately, I couldn't find the install DVD that I bought so I figured I'd just rebuy the collector's edition 2008 through the net for 20$ and save myself some crap of getting into the car and driving myself to Best Buy.

Anyway, I downloaded the installer and went to work. I get to the point where after I just install POL Viewer/Tetra Master and I'm ready to update!

Checking for the update files went smoothly, but when it came to actually downloading them I got a:

"Error Code: POL-1154

Problems with the HDD data were detected. Version Update Failed."

So like ok, I'm slightly annoyed but whatever I'll try and figure this out. I thought it was my firewall, but obviously not. I'm not completely incredible with computers, but I've tried everything I can think of.

I checked to make sure the computer could actually run FFXI with systemrequirementslab.com and sure enough, it passes even the recomended test.

So ok, at this point who better to go to than the pros? The people who make this game obviously know all the nooks of their game and probably have an incredible Q&A set up.

Wrong. I pretty much hit their Q&A, typed in my question rather simply, and got slapped in the face. How do I attack a monster I'm facing? Really? Christ.

Does anyone have any clue what might be going on?

Edit: I tried updating for the 20th time today, because I'm waiting for a reply from a live representative of theirs through their chat, and it finally worked. >.> Hopefully the actual FFXI update won't puss out like the POL one did.