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    Problem with ATI 4670 and FFXI and FFXI benchmark

    I've recently upgraded a 8600GT with an ATI 4670 and while 3dMark06 shows me i gained 4000+ points (from 4500+ of 8600GT to the actuals 8775) Final Fantasy Vanadiel Benchmark ver.3 shows me a lack of performance; with the old 8600GT i had a 6500+ points and now with the new 4670 i'm down of ~1000 points, exactly i have 5625 points now. And in game i can see this lack of performance and i dont know what i have to do while in warhammer online i gained many and many fps with the new card.

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    ffxi is 99.99%......cpu dependent. Alright its an exaggeration but I'm pretty sure its just something else, perhaps you have AA/AF bumped up now rather than before to cause the slowdown or try different drivers. Theres a bunch of Nvidia problems with the game but I was under the impression ffxi was Ati friendly.

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    FFXI is such a shitty old game that even the ATI 4000 series are having problems with it it seems.

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    What processor does your machine run? GFX cards have very little impact on FFXI, which is an older designed game with much more dependence on the CPU.

    Also your GPU driver and registry settings for FFXI make a difference as well. If your CPU is fairly new you might want to look through the threads here that have info on tweaking graphics settings to get optimum performance. Keep in mind though that some of the driver-set stuff can affect other games you play.

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