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    Imperial Weapons (from Assault) - Elemental Weaponskills/Amir Gear

    So there's a bunch of weapons that start with "Imperial" that you can get per assault area. Each of them have "Depending On Day: Increases elemental weapon skill damage"

    May sound stupid but doesn't this classify the weapons as more or less, shit? No one really uses elemental weaponskills unless for specific reasons but come to think of it most of them are weak anyway, has anyone been brave enough to spend points on these weapons to even test? i.e. most weapons have only 1 specific element attached to it anyway (Polearm - Thunder) but Sword has 2, Light and Fire. Is the boost even at all huge to consider it... (Hand to hand has ... none...!)

    And apart from Amir Feet... what exactly is the purpose of the other 4 pieces? Body is "ok" for messing around in but the head, hands and legs are like utter shite... or so the way I see it. Is it even worth to collect the whole set so I can store it ... ?

    I recently started assault and got my first 20000 points from Lebros Cavern and was starting to wonder if I should do more and collect the other bits.

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    First question: I seem to recall some testing done where they worked similar to sea gorgets. That is, the axe would have higher damage on earthsday since Rampage's element is earth, even though it's not "elemental."

    Now that aurum sabatons are out and relatively easy to get, I would skip any amir. Save your AP for if you decide to do salvage or until you level a Yigit or Pahl (especially Yigit) job.

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    Amir is basically a way to get out of Salvage if you really don't want to do it buy saying, oh gee I'd love to but whoops I spent all my AP and now I have an Amir Armor Claim Slip.

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    I splurged on the salvage Polearm while leveling drg simply because of the higher damage rating over everything else of the level range (this was long before thallassocrat(sp), and back when mezraq was 2mil+)

    I personally did not notice any difference in damage with Wheeling Thrust between Firesday or any other day, or Penta thrust on darksday vs any other day. No "Oh wow!" moments, none at all.

    For me it was a good investment just for the damage rating, YMMV.

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