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    Need help on drg/mage macro

    Hi, I know the concept of drg/whm or drg/blu and have been using it for a long time. What troubles me is the macro, that lately I have been seeing inconsistent healing breath number. As usual, if my macro works the way it should, which happens about 50% of the time, my wyvern would do a 430+ healing breath, 622 with full exp and full tp without deep breathing. However, half the time, especially in place like campaign, I will see my HB heal for only 360-390ish. I wonder which part of the macro is causing that.

    I am currently using windower, and my macro goes as the follow for drg/whm and drg/blu:

    /ma "Foot Kick" <t> or /ma "Dia" <t>
    /console exec Drg solo1.txt
    /wait 4
    /console exec Drg solo.txt

    "Drg Solo1.txt" =
    input /equip head "Drachen Armet";
    input /equip legs "Drn. Brais +1";
    input /equip neck "Chanoix's Gorget";
    input /equip body "Wyvern Mail";
    input /equip hands "Ostreger Mitts";
    input /equip feet "Homam Coscailas";
    input /equip back "Gigant Mantle";
    input /equip ring2 "Bomb Queen Ring";
    input /equip waist "Ocean Sash";
    wait 1;
    input /equip head "Wyrm Armet";

    "Drg Solo.txt" =
    input /equip head "Askar Zucchetto";
    input /equip neck "Chivalrous Chain";
    input /equip body "Homam Corazza";
    input /equip hands "Homam Manopolas";
    input /equip waist "Swift Belt";
    input /equip legs "Homam Cosciales";
    input /equip feet "Homam Gambieras";
    input /equip back "Forager's Mantle";
    input /equip ring1 "Rajas Ring";
    input /equip ring2 "Ulthalam's Ring";
    input /equip ear1 "Brutal Earring";
    input /equip ear2 "Ethereal Earring";
    input /equip ammo "Smart Grenade";

    What am I doing wrong? Drn. Brais +1 not kicked in or AF2 helm? or should I change equip then cast magic? Is wait 4 ok or too long? Thank you.

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    I'm guessing it's the wait 1 before Wyrm Helm.

    I dont use windower and my macro for Footkick or other fast casting spells is always /wait 2. I also equip Drachen Armet first before the spell.

    Also read somewhere that the Drachen Brais +1 can take some time for the game to compute the hp modification affecting Healing Breath so maybe thats one of the causes.

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    I don't know how windower macros work but drachen armet needs to be put on before the spell goes off if you want breath to trigger at 50%+. Also there's usually a pretty big bit of lag after you put on wyvern hp gear and when the hp actually goes up(like 4 or 5 seconds). I usually put on my wyvern hp gear one or two hits before I'm going to hit my threshold to activate breath to make sure the potency is added in.

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    Due to the lag period based on wyvern HP adjustments, here's the macro I've always used, that has proven effective:

    Within the DRG_Solo_1.txt, delay should be 2

    /console exec DRG_Solo_1.txt
    /ma "Foot Kick" <t>
    /wait 5 or /wait 6
    /console exec DRG_Solo.txt

    Keep in mind, the wait in the DRG_Solo_1 will not add additional wait above what is already in the FFXI macro, so it appears to be very high.

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    Thank you. I have no problem triggering HB at 50% HP, after further testing, the one that goes low are usually 380-390 ish, and I am guessing that it is Drn. Brais +1 that is effecting it. 380 x 1.15 = 437, which is about right. I am going to try the /wait 2 adjustment in lag area to see if it can fix it.

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