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    [Ramuh] Zerg looking for members

    A: About Zerg
    Zerg is an HNM ls and was created bye a few members of another HNM ls who had gotten to the point sky/sea/ect was more important then HNM and thus these where thrown aside. We are a growing group and quicklly becoming a major force in the HNM/endgame Sceen.
    **Current Events: HNM's, Sky, Einherjar, Dynamis, Forced poped NM's. We will be moving to Sea>Sky once we have finished off our sky gear list and rotate the 2 out.
    **Timezone is (GMT-4) EST Time

    B: Rules:
    * Every new member will be on an initial trial to determine if our linkshell is good for you, and you for us.
    * Disrespectful or Immature actions will not be tolerated.
    * Lotting Items and Equipment will be bid with raid points

    C: Currently Recruiting:
    ** Open to All Jobs, DD's limited

    D: Requirements:
    * One Lv.75 job the least.
    * Sky access
    * Atleast CoP Daiblos fight Cleared (we are runing a few though this and will no longer take non Sea access members once we are done running people to sea)

    E: Our Schedule:
    HNM whos windows open between 11am-midnight will be camped
    Einherjar Tuesdays 8 est
    Dynamis monday and thursday 8est
    Sea/sky/forced poped nms and bcnm's anytime during HNM down time when they are out of our time frame.

    F: Application:
    - If you want to apply, please refer to our website:
    * For any question please PM me on our website.


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    moved to new site edited the above to show this...we are looking for a few more late nite tanks and brd, however feel free to apply even if you dont have one of the 2 jobs listed your app will still be considered

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    We are starting einherjar and dynamis now, still looking for a few members. Brds, blm, rdm, whm for the most part are main jobs we seeking

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