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    Got this bluescreen overnight, tried rebooting several times, into safe mode, always restart after the Windows screen, took a stick of RAM out and it booted, is it safe to assume the RAM is the problem? 27 passes with memtest show 0 errors on either stick(come to think of it, does it test one stick at a time? it might only be DIMM1 that I tested), but I did get a BAD_POOL_HEADER which is also attributed to RAM prior to my most recent reformat. About to leave for work so no time for specs but with the general information I've given its safe to say its the RAM?

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    Possibly, but without the actual error code you can't be sure. Hell, even with the right code it could be wrong. Next time it happens, try and get the code that starts something like 0x00 etc

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    6 hours stable with one stick, won't boot to windows with both. took 4 hours from last restart with both sticks for it to freeze, come to think of it, my system info used to show 3.something GB (4GB kit, 32 bitOS), and when I checked last night it showed 3.0GB, :\

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    Try the other stick in that slot, as a single too? It could be a faulty slot on your board rather than dead ram.

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    tested both good/"bad" sticks in the slot that the "bad" one was in, no restart like before, tested them both in the same config they were in before, again; no restart..<_>

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    Sounds like you've figured it out.

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    It could have been something as simple as dust in the contacts and reseating them did the trick.

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    having the same error with my pc
    any suggestion???????

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