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    Need Help for Interview

    Ok this will sound strange so here is my info.

    I am currenty in school about to finish in May, and i studied in Network Administrator, during my school i learned lots of stuff about Microsoft Linux and Novell OS, But in April to get our diploma we need to go "find a job to work" for like 1month to learn the job. It's kinda like a practice test, Vedder says it's called intern in english but anyway lol.

    So i applied to some work and there's a place that called me and want me to pass an exam tomorrow to see if i am fit to do the work as intern and maybe full time after, i am pretty excited about it to be honest. Anyway the problem atm is that the job is Administrator in Linux, with some windows 2003/2008 knowledge, for the windows part i have no worried, but for linux i am a bit scared simply because in my opinion our class was a bit express. Here is what i learned in the class

    OS Fedora Core 8

    Of course we learned in the first class How linux works, how to install programs give permissions etc.

    2nd class was a bit of Mysql, bash script

    3rd class was the network services, NIS,NFS,Samba,SSH,apache,FTP DNS DHCP and we touched a bit on the firewall but not alot.

    So my problem is they say they work with these 3 OS Fedora, CentOS Debian and FreeBSD,

    Can anyone give me some important info i need to know that can be helpful for a writting/practice exam for those OS ANd

    What is the biggest Difference with Fedora CentOS debian and freeBSD.

    Sorry for this question and thx for any help you can give me (gonna pass de night to spam google :D)

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    iirc fedora is a fork from deadrat a while back when RHL went to RHEL while centos is a build from deadrat's current source and designed to be completely compatible w/ any RHEL software. if you're handy w/ fedora, you should find yourself in fairly well known territory with centos.

    as for freebsd, the best way to get familiar with it would probably be to do a lot of drugs considering it owes its heritage to berkley (hence the initials.) on that, i'm not gonna have much really to say outside of the little experience i have with it (read i've read the name and heard zealous defenders of it though never had the guts to bust it out and play with it...which might be a good use of my upcoming weekend...hmmm...) but i know it's got a reputation for being rock solid. quick check of their wikipedia entry supports that, referencing a very high population of extreme uptime servers.

    some quick skimming of google results turned up this page i skimmed and seems to at least gloss over the distinctions between linux based OSes and FreeBSD, at least to the point where you could give a vaguely convincing argument as to why you should use one or the other for a given task. Comparing GNU/Linux and FreeBSD

    hope i'm at least halfway on track here, i'm sure a unix guru will come in soon enough and make a fool of me, but this may at least give you somewhere to get started till the wiser ones show up and populate this thread with INTELLIGENT discourse.

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