This has been happening to be for a long time now and nobody has had answers for me. Im really just looking for ideas at this point because Im completely stumped. So far Ive tried:

Port foward on router
Wired and Wireless connections
Turn off firewalls (McAfee and Windows)
Allow full access instead of just out-bound (this includes POL and polboot .exes)
Added each port to be allowed in Windows Firewall (25,80,110,443 skipped the huge range, dont want to input one at a time for 15000 ports)
updated ethernet and wireless drivers
reset modem
reinstall FFXI and POL
run file check for POL and FFXI
Connect with mine and friends accts
connect using different handles

There may honestly be something Im forgetting. I feel like Ive done everything there is to do without any result. So anyone got any ideas?