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    Quick question

    Does cursed dalmatica have a goldsmithing sub? Wiki says Clothcraft100 Leathercraft60.

    I just tried to make one for somebody and busted it. My Leathercraft is 60, my goldsmithing is 49, I don't want to bust it again if it does have goldsmithing sub.

    I just got Clothcraft 100 on that synth though. Haha. So bittersweet.

    Thanks for your help.

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    it doesnt have gold sub, a friend of mine made them for our LS and he didnt have gold at the time.
    and grats !

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    Got it, just wanted to make sure, I felt so bad when I busted the first one, if it had happened again, I'd want to crawl in a hole somewhere.

    NQ'd the second one though.


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