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    Wireless internet adapter for old eMac

    A friend has an old eMac running OSX 10.2, and a USB 1.1 and ethernet port.

    Apparently, she tried a wireless usb thing and it didn't work, and a bit of googling pointed me at something that requires OSX 10.3 and above.

    I also read something about a wireless receiver that you can then connect to your computer with an ethernet cable.

    Most solutions I found while googling cost about $100, but there's got to be something a bit cheaper.

    Anyone know the best way to get her old eMac on the wireless network? Plugging it in directly to the router isn't an option, since the only place the router can be is in another room.

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    A wireless bridge would solve the problem as they plug directly into the ethernet port and require no configuration on the Mac side. Finding one for a reasonable price is going to be a problem though as Linksys has a corner on the market. You could flash an old WRT54g (if you have one) with DD-WRT firmware and use it as a wireless bridge, too.

    I don't have much familiarity with Mac hardware, but there must be an adapter out there that works with OSX 10.2, also.

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