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    BG advice: Kitty help

    I'm in a situation. I have 2 cats that are not getting along.

    I got one of them recently from a friend who was going to give her to a shelter, and she would likely be put down because she has behavioral issues. He could not keep her due to losing his job and not being able to afford her. She is declawed and very sweet around people, she just hates other cats and occasionally freaks out for no reason. When I say freaks out I mean she hisses and runs away. She doesn't bite and being declawed her swats do nothing. She just randomly decides she hates you and then 3 minutes later will be back begging for attention.

    The shelters in AZ right now are full of cats and there is no such thing as a 'no kill' shelter here right now because of all the extra animals. Basically any animals with behavioral issues get put down. I didn't think it was fair for her to die simply because my friend could not keep her. He does not want her back if he does get a job so for better or worse I'm stuck with her for right now.

    The problem is my cat hates her, and is not declawed and is tearing her ass up. The most I can do right now is keep them separated but I'm tired of having the bathroom cat. Can anyone give me an idea of either how to teach my cat that hurting the other one is bad, or how to find a home for the cat with problems?

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    Normally I'd say let them fight it out for once, but since the other cat is declawed (which I HATE), it's not really a fair option. I've read up on this I think once before but all I could find was a suggestion to kind of trick them into liking one another. You rub each of them with a separate towel or something that will keep scent, and place this under the food bowl. This way, they will start associating good things with that smell. It may help a little. Hopefully someone else can give a few more pointers. Good luck!

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    Unless the clawed cat is ripping her up and causing blood shed, letting them fight it out won't cause a big issue. Even declawed cats can defend themselves fairly violently if required.

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    Sounds like she is a feral cat to me, or somewhat. Was she ever abused? I know you got this cat from your friend and all, and in no way would I imply he did abuse her... But I know some cats who act like that around humans may have been abused. As far as getting along with the other cat, let them actually "duke it" out. This will establish dominance between the two. I know when I introduced my 2 month kitten to my 2 year old cat, the older one swatted at the other one for awhile. Now after a month, they are nearly inseperable(sp?) as long as the fight doesn't draw blood, let it happen. Your cat will more than likely not draw it's claws unless it feels the other cat intends on trying to kill it.

    It will take time, but they may get used to each other, atleast be stand off from each other. Rubbing your cats scent all over the place is a good idea, especially around the food bowl. Good luck, and post pics !

    Edit: Only reason I bring up the abuse part cause you mentioned she will attack you then a couple min later want attention.

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    one thing i had to do is when you are using seperate rooms, put the scented towel under the food bowls but put each of their foodbowls to the opposite sides of the same door, so that way they are also eating like 2 ft from each other with a door in between

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    There isn't much you can really do to be honest. Cats will always have territorial disputes when they're suddenly forced to live together. Letting them go outside helps although if they're not used to it, they may run away. My mom had a feral cat start living with her a while back. It also had and still sorta has those weird emotional problems. It took a year or so but eventually it established its boundaries with the other two cats she had and they don't fight anymore.

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